Women in Tech Scholarship from Women who Code


We’re pleased to announce that we’re launching our second full scholarship aimed at directly addressing the gender imbalance in tech. One female student will have 100% of their tuition costs covered for the next gSchool cohort at Galvanize’s San Francisco campus. Galvanize Web Development is our 6-month web development program with a 98% placement rate, and we’re excited to offer this life-changing opportunity to someone for our next class.

The last time Women Who Code and Galvanize offered a full scholarship for women, 36 awesome women applied, and 8 of them are currently enrolled in the San Francisco Web Development Immersive. In addition to Nina Bachvarvova receiving a full scholarship, many applicants received partial scholarships. This partnership with Women Who Code resulted in San Francisco’s first Web Development class having a 50%- 50% gender split.

We’re super proud of the progress we’ve made, but we know that there’s a lot more work to be done on the diversity front. We recently launched the Galvanize foundation to increase the number of scholarships we can provide for students, and look forward to partnering with more amazing organizations like Women Who Code to provide opportunities and access for more people to enter the tech industry.

Know someone awesome who wants to take advantage of Galvanize scholarships? Check them out here.