Galvanize Platte Full Stack Capstone Projects - Summer 2015

Galvanize Platte Full Stack Capstone Projects - Summer 2015

Students recently showcased their capstone projects to an audience of more than 20 Galvanize community members, including hiring partners, members, peers, and staff.

Each of our graduates had a chance run through short demo of what they’ve been working on before meeting one-on-one with employers and networking over local Colorado beer. Here’s a quick rundown of what our students built:

Name: Alexandra Hanley
Katapult is a tool created for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado to present local events to Bigs (volunteers) and Littles (kids registered in the program).

Name: Andrew James
Project: Golden
Golden is a flash card style interview prep site. Built for full stack developers, this site will challenge and keep developers up to speed on concepts and terminology.

Name: Caleb Atwood
Project: Paramotiv
Create a garage of vehicles, instantly access upcoming maintenance, recalls, nearest dealer and trade-in values. Single page application built using Ruby on Rails and Javascript/jQuery, with data pulled from the API.

Name: Cameron Stewart
Project: List It
List It allows you to quickly and efficiently create and delegate grocery lists. Create a grocery list manually or by searching from thousands of recipes.

Name: Casey Kelly
Project: Graf
A responsive template creator for stories or blog posts.

Name: Daniel Harris
Project: Unbored
Metaprogramming exercise on the back-end that dynamically created forms and initialized unlimited variations of object models in a quickly scalable environment. Front-end used the Google Maps API to showcase activities around town such as bars, breweries, ice cream shops, and more.

Name: Danielle Mullane
Project: Travvy
Built with the savvy traveler in mind (hence Travvy). Scraped data from AirBNB using the Mechanize gem to compare against hotel rates pulled via the Expedia Affiliate Network API while noting locations of each by using an integration with Google Maps. The application was built with Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, and jQuery.

Name: Jake Marwil
Project: Lytening & Powder Pioneer
A new form of social media that brings competitive side to posts & An avalanche and weather-tracking site to provide backcountry skiers with better information and promote safety

Name: Jessica Koch
Project: Fetch
A networking app that capitalizes on a dog’s charisma and ability to spark a conversation between strangers, providing resources for professionals to network with their furry companion.  Fetch is built with a front-end in Ember-Cli with a Ruby on Rails API. Oauth2 is implemented with LinkedIn and includes a RESTful Google Maps API.

Name: Jordan Collier
Project: Lytening & Challenger Approaches
A new form of social media that brings competitive side to posts. & a smash brothers group locator.

Name: Josh Quesenberry
Project: PongThing
A real-time in-class ping-pong scoring system using an Arduino microcontroller! Database-backed.

Name: Kenneth To
Project: Social Comps
Social media brand comparison analytics

Name: Kerry Roberts
Project: Parks Pass
National Park exploration and trip planning/logging app.

Name: Mackenzie Clarkson
Project: Beer Up
A site that connects beer lovers/explorers to beers and breweries in other regions.

Name: Melissa Khat
Project: Snowflakes
A social online community for snowboarders to connect and find fellow riders of the same skill level, goal, and/or mountain interest. This application was built on Ruby on Rails, HTML, and CSS Bootstrap while integrating the Twilio API. Members have the capability to send text messages through the app to connect with other members.

Name: Melissa Louie
Project: ProMatch
Online tennis community that matches players based on location and level.

Name: Nicholas Peters
Project: Bar Bets
Bar bets is an app that allows users to ‘fantasy gamble’ and earn rewards from local sports bars as well as compete against other players.

Name: Nick Kalinoski
Project: Yogurt Brothers
Website development for a Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Shop in Westminster, CO.

Name: Nina Lisitsa
Project: Climb Center
Introduction to climbing hold types, positions and movements.

Name: Peter Vliet
Project: Dylan Database
Collection of Bob Dylan’s albums and lyrics users can annotate.

Name: Reyna DeLoge
Project: SoundGem
Redesigned soundcloud stream based on your networks favorite tracks.

Name: Ty Hyten
Project: OrbWeaver
App built in Ruby on Rails that generates a Spotify playlist containing the top songs of artists with shows in your city in the upcoming week, giving users the opportunity to get familiar and get tickets. Uses both the Bandsintown and Spotify API’s.

Name: Wesley Merkel
Project: Naja
An app that quickly finds the data you need in a large JSON payload.

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