Veteran’s Journey: From a Nuclear Warship to a Career in Coding


After spending six years in the US Navy, Tyler Maier jumped at the prospect of spending six months to change his future with Galvanize’s Web Development Immersive program.


Tyler grew up in Franktown, Colorado, and enlisted in the Navy when he was 19. His assignment took him to the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, where he worked as a machinist mate. His average day entailed 10-12 hours of monitoring and running nuclear reactors, a challenging duty that Tyler says taught him the value of buckling down and tackling a new subject head on.

Tyler’s six-year assignment ended when he was 25, and he found himself in an unfamiliar job market. He took a job on oil and gas sites, often working 80 hours a week. Then, a friend turned him on to JavaScript.

“I really liked the problem-solving aspect,” says Tyler. “I’ve always liked building and creating, and code lets you do exactly that.”

Tyler started out with Codecademy tutorials, experimenting with building simple websites and features. Then, he discovered Galvanize’s Web Development Immersive program –– and he was “stoked” at the idea of changing his career path in just six months.

“Six months of a tech boot camp instead of four more years of school was a no-brainer for me,” says Tyler. Another benefit quickly surfaced: Tyler found out he was eligible for GI Bill funding .

“The types of skills we’re using –– critical thinking, problem-solving –– those are valuable in any environment. I’m looking forward to starting a job where I get to do this every day.”


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