Upward Mobility for the Under-Employed: CEO Jim Deters’ Take

Upward Mobility for the Under-Employed: CEO Jim Deters’ Take

You’ve sent out dozens of carefully crafted cover letters, networked with everyone in a 100-mile radius and still ended up with a gig that isn’t quite what you want. We’ve all been there, and it can feel like there’s no way out.

Students who enter Galvanize’s flagship program, an intensive, six-month course on web development, are often in the same boat.

Most Galvanize applicants fall into three main categories, laid out by CEO Jim Deters during a recent interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box.

“There’s the unemployed, which is the worst, underemployed, which is the most likely, or the third category, unhappily employed. Most folks are career switchers and want to have the opportunity for true upward mobility through data science or technology literacy.”, said Deters.

Pretty relatable, right? The good news is that no matter which bucket you fall in, a tech-driven education can pull you up and out, serving as an on-ramp to increasingly in-demand careers.

Boasting an average placement rate of 91% –– along with some impressive post-graduation salary averages –– Galvanize courses set up students for real-world success. And there are no water coolers in sight; from Amazon to Oracle, companies at the forefront of tech innovation look to Galvanize for fresh talent.

A tech education may not represent instant employment gratification, but Deters believes it delivers something infinitely more valuable: a skill set that ensures your continued relevance and success in the tech-driven future.


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