Transformative Storytelling Series: Naveen Jain


“The entrepreneur’s job is not to look at what it is, but to look at what it can be.”

At Galvanize, we provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to learn, connect, and grow their startups through events, workshops, mentors, and a thriving startup ecosystem. We offer tactical programming for our members, however, our motivation for creating the Transformative Storytelling Series was to provide inspirational stories not only to our members but to the external community.

For our first event, we partnered with George Arabian, Investor, Advisor and Revenue Growth Innovator at Steelhead Ventures, a Micro-VC fund and OG Galvanize member, to bring this compelling thought leadership and content to Galvanize. Steelhead has worked with founders, venture partners, thought leaders, and executive teams who are making a positive difference in their communities and the future of our world.  

We were excited to welcome Naveen Jain as our first guest in the series. Naveen is the founder of several successful companies, including Blue Dot, Viome, Intelius, Talent Wise, InfoSpace, and Moon Express – the only company with permission from the U.S. government to leave Earth’s orbit and land on the moon. Jain stated that in 15 years, he believes the moon will be an important part of the Earth’s economy and potentially our second home.

Naveen had us on the edge of our seats with his energy, excitement, and entertaining demeanor. He challenged the audience to find their own moonshots and solve a billion dollar problem.

Here are some of the quotes that resonated with attendees:

“You don’t build a successful company with a great breakthrough idea, you build a great company through flawless execution, so you steal the ideas and you execute well”

“Ask yourself one simple question – if I’m actually successful in doing what I’m trying to do, would it help hundreds of millions of people? Would it solve a problem that is a 10 billion dollar problem?”

“When you are an entrepreneur don’t focus on making money, making money is a byproduct of doing things that are great, that are really going out and helping people by providing a product that actually solves a problem.”

The audience walked away feeling inspired by Naveen’s story. He never cared what anyone thought of his ideas, or if they thought he was crazy. In fact, he mentioned that people should think your ideas are crazy otherwise you’re not thinking big enough!


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