Transformational Teaching: Connecting with Galvanize Web Development Instructors


At Galvanize, our Web Development instructors are passionate about teaching students the skills they need to succeed as members of a development team. Their knowledge, diverse backgrounds, and real-world experience create outcomes rooted in problem solving, critical thinking and practical applications. Meet Martha, Nmuta and Liz:

Martha Berner, Instructor, Galvanize Web Development

After 12 years as a singer, songwriter, musician, what started out as a side job (web development) turned into a passion that led Martha to the Galvanize Full Stack Immersive program. After graduating from the program in 2014 she discovered a love for teaching and joined the Galvanize Full Stack instructor team in Denver. “One of my favorite things about teaching is the opportunity to support ambitious, hardworking individuals.”

Nmuta Jones, Lead Instructor, Galvanize Web Development

Nmuta was a founding admin teacher of NMTCS high school in Philadelphia where he taught several courses ranging from game scripting to 3D modeling/animation. In 2008, Nmuta returned to Denver to teach at Denver School of Science and Technology Stapleton, where, for three years, he taught 600+ students in courses ranging from programming fundamentals to 12th grade AP Computer Science. Having three years industry Rails experience, he continued his passion for tech education with Galvanize in Denver. “At Galvanize, I’m in a situation where I can provide career changing, life changing experiences.”

Liz Howard, Lead Instructor, Galvanize Web Development

Liz is more than a program developer, she’s a cultural leader at Galvanize. She provides technical leadership that binds teams together and prides herself on specializing in high-impact projects, with effective results. She has been a developer since 2001, and has worked for notable organizations like Data Paradigm, Hackbright Academy, and Girl Develop It. Her mission is to change lives, and that’s what lead her to Galvanize San Francisco. “When they get that first real ‘Yes’ from an employer, and they really feel like ‘this is it, I’m a programmer’, I live for that moment.”

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