The Secret to His Success

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Most people can’t say they launched one, let alone two profitable business ventures in their 20s. But like many of us, Ricky Padilla wanted more time with his family and less time being consumed by the 24/7 demands of his work.  

So he did what successful entrepreneurs do well – he pivoted.

Ricky decided to shutter his coffee roasting company and pursue his hobby – web design – as a full-time career in web and mobile software development.  

“When I made the decision to pursue a career as a developer,” Ricky says, “I tried to meet as many ‘successful’ developers as I could, many of whom went to Galvanize or other similar schools. Everyone I spoke with who went to Galvanize had nothing but great things to say about the program, and had the jobs to show how much of an impact it had.”

How’s that whole work-life balance thing working out for Ricky in his new career?

Check it out:

So right now we’re in Louisville, Colorado. I’m at the Latitude Software office where we make the magic happen. There’s a really small team of us building mobile apps and web applications for larger industries, automotive, grocery stores. We really focus on very niche business applications.

As a software developer, I really enjoy. I get to do– I get to work hard, and I get to be creative and do a lot of entrepreneurial type things. But at the end of the day, I can go home and spend time with family and not be consumed with trying to pay my employees or things like that. And I think becoming a software developer and getting this job has kind of added some more just peace to my life after coming from an entrepreneurial background.

It’s kind of surreal sometimes. Just like I was just learning this over the past six, seven months, and now I’m doing it as a career. And a lot of the tools that we use, and a lot of things that we do, are things that I learned at Galvanize. There’s definitely a lot of stuff that I’ve had to teach myself, as well. But a lot of it is, without Galvanize, I wouldn’t have the tool set that I have to do a good job.



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