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Jun 6    Brittany Slay

Because Soap and Chocolate are Two Different Things: Context is Key to the Job Search

If you showed up at New York’s Beacon Theatre on August 17, ready to see the Beach Boys, and a heavily bearded, former MLB fastball pitcher took the stage...you might be perplexed. If a member…


May 22    Galvanize

Coffee Questions

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.com by Mukai Matsiga, Career Services and Partner Relations Manager, Galvanize. In theory, for the extroverted folks out there, performing at networking opportunities should be comparable to a fish performing in…


May 22    Brittany Slay

Sing Out: The Act of Pivoting Your Career

Sing out, Louise! And so epitomizes - in three short exclamations - the domineering Mama Rose* in the musical Gypsy, pushing her apprehensive, auditioning daughter to be louder, be bolder, be stronger, be...more. And while…


May 16    Galvanize

Start Spreading the News

Why—and how—tech is flourishing in NYC.  For decades, business in the Big Apple has been all about Wall Street. But over the past 10 or 15 years, technology has emerged as one of the fastest…


Apr 27    Jim Deters

Women in Tech Should Be the Rule, Not the Exception

This post originally appeared on Medium.com, by Jim Deters, CEO & Founder, Galvanize. We’ve all heard different versions of the same statistic: According to the Census, women make up 59 percent of the entire workforce in…


Apr 18    Keirah Dein

F8 Meetup Seattle (Co-hosted by Galvanize & Facebook)

Seattle developers! Explore the future of technology and connect with the local tech and startup community at F8 Meetup at Galvanize! F8, Facebook’s annual developer conference is taking place on 18-19 April 2017 in San…

Mar 28    Chris Outcalt

Three Tips To Help You Negotiate The Salary You’ve Always Wanted

Recent Galvanize web development graduate Tosin Awofeso happened to be sitting in a workshop about salary negotiation when he got a call with a job offer. He says in that moment he had the confidence…


Mar 24    Chris Outcalt

“Hell Yeah!”

Learning to code helped Tosin Awofeso find the home he’d always wanted in Austin. Tosin Awofeso felt like he didn’t have a lot of options. With a baby on the way, stringing together freelance gigs…

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Mar 23    Galvanize

She Belongs Here

We’re inspired every day by the dynamic women who make our Galvanize community and the tech industry a smarter, more inclusive, more awesome place to be. #WeAreGalvanize   Level Up


Mar 17    Galvanize

Hacking for Refugees

All refugees face great hardship, but women and girls are among the most vulnerable. They are often victims of violence and discrimination. What’s more, two-thirds of all female asylum seekers are underage. Last week, timed…


Mar 8    Galvanize

Because Women

On this day one hundred years ago, women in America did not have the right to vote, let alone pursue the broad range of jobs and careers available to men. Today, American women are senators,…


Mar 6    Galvanize

The (Non-Technical) Value of a Whiteboard Interview

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.com by Mukai Matsiga, Career Services and Partner Relations Manager, Galvanize. Ah...the dreaded whiteboard interview. For those of you in the tech industry who are unfamiliar, or just really lucky to…


Mar 2    Jim Deters

When It Comes to Tech Education, the Fox Should Not Set the Rules for the Hen House

This post originally appeared on Medium.com by Jim Deters, CEO & Founder, Galvanize. Within the last couple of days, the tech press has reported that a group of coding boot camps and accelerated-learning programs have…


Dec 21    Chris Outcalt

The Ultimate Christmas Gift: A Second Chance

Chad Latham has had a pretty good run of holiday gifts the past two years. Last December, President Obama granted Latham clemency; the 38-year-old was released from prison after serving 10 years for growing marijuana.…

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Dec 21    Galvanize

Balancing Act

Ever dream of having a job that gives you a better work-life balance? Wonder if you can change your life, and still have a life at the same time? Check out Maria’s story.   Level…

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Dec 20    Galvanize

A More Flexible Way to Level Up Your Tech Skills

At Galvanize we are committed to making tech education and access to careers in tech available to everyone. This is why we are excited to introduce a brand new series of part-time courses to our…


Dec 15    Galvanize

Girls + Coding = Awesome

When it comes to diversifying the tech industry, the future starts now. Galvanize is committed to making tech education and access to careers in tech, available to all, especially to women and others who have…

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Dec 8    Lisa Greim

7 Networking Tips for Introverts

Data scientists and web developers, designers and engineers, coders and quant jocks – our vocations often attract people who prefer quiet time to think and work alone. These tendencies make the standard career advice –…

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Nov 15    Galvanize

CNN is on the Money: How Galvanize is Innovating the Future of Tech

Galvanize is a learning community for technology where anybody with the aptitude, drive, and determination can acquire the skills and access they need to be successful in today's modern, technology-driven world. I built the school…


Nov 10    Galvanize

Veteran’s Journey: From a Nuclear Warship to a Career in Coding

After spending six years in the US Navy, Tyler Maier jumped at the prospect of spending six months to change his future with Galvanize’s Web Development Immersive program.   Tyler grew up in Franktown, Colorado,…

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Nov 3    Chris Outcalt

The Ultimate Life Reboot

Editor's Note: Since this story was published, Chad Latham accepted a job as a front-end developer at Amazon. Just before Christmas last year, 41-year-old Chad Latham received a call from his lawyer. He had news…

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Nov 2    Galvanize

I Made This: Kendra Lyndon, Pianissimo

Kendra Lyndon wasn’t always interested in a career in web development. She spent years studying classical piano and earned her bachelor’s degree in music before taking on a role as an office assistant for a retail…

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Nov 1    Galvanize

How One Veteran Found Community in Coding

Before he joined the Galvanize Web Development Immersive Program, former US Army Sgt. Allen Fordham traveled the world in search of his passion. Growing up, Allen’s family moved a lot; he had lived in six…

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Oct 27    Galvanize

I Made This: Heather Stone, Botanize

Heather Stone is many things: a botanist, podcast host, writer, published scientist –– and, thanks to Galvanize, a talented web developer. From a young age, Heather was fascinated with language. She studied English, Spanish and…

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Oct 26    Lisa Marshall

Why One High School Senior Bypassed College to Learn to Code

In the fall of 2015, high school seniors across the country crossed their ‘t’s and dotted their ‘I’s on their college applications, as their parents toiled over financial aid forms and braced for the sticker…

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