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Jun 29    Adam Griffin

The Future of Entrepreneurship: An ESHIP Summit Recap

The future of entrepreneurship is bright. That is, if myself and 400 of my new friends that attended last week’s ESHIP Summit have anything to do about it. The ESHIP Summit, put on by the…


Jun 26    Galvanize

Galvanize Career Coaches Discuss: Landing Your First Tech Job

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.com by Mukai Matsiga, Career Services and Partner Relations Manager, Galvanize. So you're looking to land your first job in tech...Great!...And why not? The IT industry is innovative, it's sexy, and…


Jun 20    Galvanize

Setting a New Precedent

Some people are daunted by the mere thought of making a career change, even when they really want to. Successful people take that challenge as an opportunity. They summon their courage and push themselves to…

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Jun 15    Brittany Slay

Smarts, Drive, and Grit: Why 2017 is a Promising Year for Women in STEM

This week, NASA graduated its newest class of astronauts. Out of over 18,000 applicants from around the United States and its territories, only 12 people were selected, or less than 1 for every 1,500 who…


May 26    Roya Sabeti

You Are Worthy

Galvanize teamed up with Worthy Women to host a different kind of event supporting female entrepreneurs. Worthy Women started with a vision and a belief that everything we do stems from a place of whether…


May 17    Emilie Kintner

Calm Mind: Amid a High Tech World of Distraction

In a world full of distractions - especially for those of us in the tech space who tend to geek out over the latest gadgets on Product Hunt - focusing on the task at hand…


May 16    Galvanize

Start Spreading the News

Why—and how—tech is flourishing in NYC.  For decades, business in the Big Apple has been all about Wall Street. But over the past 10 or 15 years, technology has emerged as one of the fastest…


Apr 27    Jim Deters

Women in Tech Should Be the Rule, Not the Exception

This post originally appeared on Medium.com, by Jim Deters, CEO & Founder, Galvanize. We’ve all heard different versions of the same statistic: According to the Census, women make up 59 percent of the entire workforce in…


Apr 13    Tyler Bettilyon

The Scribe, The Conjurer, and The Mentor

This post originally appeared on Medium.com by Tyler Bettilyon, Galvanize Principal Instructor, Web Development. A colleague of mine recently shared a metaphor with me about two computer programmer archetypes, “The Conjurer” and “The Scribe”: The…

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Mar 23    Galvanize

She Belongs Here

We’re inspired every day by the dynamic women who make our Galvanize community and the tech industry a smarter, more inclusive, more awesome place to be. #WeAreGalvanize   Level Up


Mar 20    Galvanize

How to Show Interviewees Your Culture: Tips from Women in Tech

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.com by Kate Catlin, Founder of Flock.  “What was the worst job interviewing experience you’ve ever had?” That was the first question we asked of a group of women last…


Mar 6    Galvanize

The (Non-Technical) Value of a Whiteboard Interview

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.com by Mukai Matsiga, Career Services and Partner Relations Manager, Galvanize. Ah...the dreaded whiteboard interview. For those of you in the tech industry who are unfamiliar, or just really lucky to…


Mar 2    Jim Deters

When It Comes to Tech Education, the Fox Should Not Set the Rules for the Hen House

This post originally appeared on Medium.com by Jim Deters, CEO & Founder, Galvanize. Within the last couple of days, the tech press has reported that a group of coding boot camps and accelerated-learning programs have…


Feb 14    Galvanize

Coffee Coding

You’ve probably heard the term “coding.” But what does it mean? And what does a “web developer” do? Something with the web, sure, but what exactly? Wonder no more. Coffee Coding ‘splains it all. Over…

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Dec 29    Haley Gray

Are These Three Things Missing From Your Work Life?

If at this very moment you’re already dreading the sound of your alarm clock going off tomorrow morning, maybe it’s time to start thinking about finding a different gig. Intelligent, creative problem solvers who love…

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Dec 29    Galvanize

Where Galvanize Grads Got Hired in 2016

2016 was a doozy. Chock full of ups, downs and what-the-whats? Here at Galvanize, we're giving props to all of our students who worked their hearts out this year to level up and build careers…

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Dec 28    Matt Zwiebel

A Puncher’s Chance

At Galvanize, we’re putting a whole new spin on Study Halls with monthly, members-only sessions. At every Study Hall, industry all-stars present on one of three topics –– growth, funding, or product –– and collaborate…


Dec 22    Tony Rehagen

Manual Transition

A fateful Uber ride gave this veteran new direction Two years ago, as fall turned to winter — or what passes for winter — in South Florida, Steve McLaughlin felt lost. He’d emerged from a…

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Dec 16    Galvanize

Galvanize 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

When it comes to holiday gift giving, brick-and-mortar shopping is time-consuming and stress-inducing. (Ever tried to find a parking spot at the mall the week before Christmas? #yikes) Give yourself a break—and give your loved…


Nov 11    Kristen O'Neill

Air Force Vet Turned Entrepreneur Takes Her Genius to a Boot Camp Unlike Any Other

“I did some really cool stuff in space,” Air Force veteran Krissa Watry says humbly. It’s not something most human beings can say. Then again, Watry is not most people. A graduate of the United…


Nov 10    Galvanize

Veteran’s Journey: From a Nuclear Warship to a Career in Coding

After spending six years in the US Navy, Tyler Maier jumped at the prospect of spending six months to change his future with Galvanize’s Web Development Immersive program.   Tyler grew up in Franktown, Colorado,…

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Nov 4    Galvanize

Veterans: Find Your Next Mission in Tech

Galvanize is committed to creating opportunities for Veterans to gain the skills and knowledge they need to enter the tech industry after service to their country. As Veterans Day approaches, we’ll be chronicling the stories…


Sep 14    Lisa Greim

Going Green: Scaling Existing Tech into the Cannabis Sector

“Cannabias,” the practice in the business world of denying service to cannabis-related companies, represents a major opportunity for software startups, panelists at a Denver Startup Week presentation told an audience Tuesday afternoon at Galvanize Golden…


Sep 13    Amelia Aaron

6 Do’s and Don’ts for a Data Science Resume that Gets You Hired

Data scientists may be in high demand, but no matter how talented you are, you won’t get hired without a high-impact resume. We’ve rounded up some can’t-miss tips for effectively showcasing your value to a…

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Sep 8    Brittany Slay

Pair Programming: Two Heads are Better than One

With GitHub, developers have the opportunity to share and collaborate with other developers on their projects. But not all collaboration happens on GitHub. Let’s take a look at why pair programming is an essential skill…

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