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Jan 17    Roya Sabeti

3 Ways to Improve Your Company Culture Today: A Chat with the Co-Founder of 15Five

Today startups are synonymous with perks like ping pong, beer, and free lunches. In the race to attract the best talent startups have resorted, for better or worse, to a generic set of perks that…

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May 26    Roya Sabeti

You Are Worthy

Galvanize teamed up with Worthy Women to host a different kind of event supporting female entrepreneurs. Worthy Women started with a vision and a belief that everything we do stems from a place of whether…


Jun 9    Galvanize

From the Source: Adam Lee

We took our inspiration from street musicians in Johannesburg, South Africa. We started to build our own instruments. Fast forward a few years, we're now taking reclaimed materials to make electric guitars that look better,…


Oct 14    Adam Stelle

Announcing the Eleven Startups Coming to San Francisco for the Google for Entrepreneurs “Scale-up” Exchange Program

Launching a startup is hard, but scaling a viable business is harder. This can be especially true if you’re not in a place like Silicon Valley, with access to abundant expertise and late-stage capital. This…

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Jul 29    Bo Moore

This Music Startup is Customizing Guitars and Creating an Entirely New Sound

In late 2011, Adam Lee's brother Shaun was walking the streets of his hometown, Johannesburg, South Africa, when he came across a group of local street musicians. The group had repurposed discarded materials into playable…


Jun 26    Galvanize

How I Got a Job at a Startup (without Being Technical)

If you’re not technical, landing a gig at a growing startup can seem impossible. But you don’t have to be a programmer or data scientist to land your dream job (though it certainly helps). As…


Jun 4    Mark Saldaña

5 Ways for Anyone to Become an Inspiring Leader

Every single day across the globe there are countless leaders – CEOs, managers, team leads, instructors – building amazing organizations and inspiring employees to do their absolute best. If you can learn how to motivate, activate, and…