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Jul 21    Adam Griffin

Galvanize Entrepreneur Impact Report: Q2, 2017

The 2nd quarter happenings in the Galvanize community included 9-figure funding rounds, industry awards, and company acquisitions. In this second ever Entrepreneur Impact Report, we outline the impact, successes, and growth of our community members.…


Jul 6    Adam Griffin

Pitchers & Pitches Denver Recap

What happens when you put 9 startups, 3 judges, 2 kegs, and a 100+ audience members together for 2 hours? Well….lots of cheers, laughs, and suds to start. Last week Galvanize reignited its signature Pitchers…


Jun 29    Adam Griffin

The Future of Entrepreneurship: An ESHIP Summit Recap

The future of entrepreneurship is bright. That is, if myself and 400 of my new friends that attended last week’s ESHIP Summit have anything to do about it. The ESHIP Summit, put on by the…


Jun 22    Adam Griffin

A Simple Guide for Giving a Great Startup Pitch

Pitching. It’s as much a part of startup life as building products and acquiring customers. If you can’t successfully pitch your company, you likely can’t raise money or sell to prospects either. Point is, it’s…


Jun 16    Adam Griffin

How to Write Sales Emails That Work

Imagine yourself in a prospect’s office. You’re giving your pitch, trying to intrigue the prospect into learning more about you and your company. You’ve tried to build some rapport, presented compelling information, and turned it…


Jun 2    Roya Sabeti

It Was All A Dream

“I never know what I’m doing until I figure it out. I realized that half the time none of us know what we’re doing until we land it. So, we’re all experimenting and trying things out…


Jun 1    Adam Griffin

How to Build a Content Marketing Funnel for Your Startup

For most of recent history, humans have purchased the brands they recognized. And the brands that were recognized were the ones with enormous advertising budgets that could spend their way into the forefront of your…


May 23    Adam Griffin

Mi Dinero Mi Futuro: Closing the Racial Wealth Gap One Millennial at a Time

“What do we do next?” This was the unexpected question of the night with Ramona Ortega on the receiving end of it multiple times. She had just hosted an event in Los Angeles where Latinos…


May 17    Emilie Kintner

Calm Mind: Amid a High Tech World of Distraction

In a world full of distractions - especially for those of us in the tech space who tend to geek out over the latest gadgets on Product Hunt - focusing on the task at hand…


May 11    Adam Griffin

Finding the Bright Spots: How to Elevate Your Entire Sales Team

Sales teams often mimic the bell curves we remember so dearly from our days of high school and college exams. Some people stand above the rest, some people lag behind, and the majority lie somewhere…


May 4    Adam Griffin

Galvanize Entrepreneur Impact Report: Q1, 2017

Starting a company is easy. Building and scaling a successful company is hard. At Galvanize, we measure our success on our ability to materially impact the latter. The more we can help move the needle…


May 2    Brittany Slay

5 Steps to Building Your Startup’s Social Media Strategy

So you have a super cool startup, now what? Sometimes the hardest part of starting a new company isn’t creating the product or service itself; it’s communicating what it is, what it does, and why…


Mar 9    Brittany Slay

How a Passion for Cheap Travel Turned Into A Thriving Business

Three years ago, Scott Keyes purchased the best flight deal of his life from New York to Milan for $130 roundtrip. He thought the airline would catch the mistake and cancel it. Upon returning from…


Mar 3    Roya Sabeti

7 Steps to Creating a Compelling Story

We recently teamed up with Erin Berman from Blackbeard Studios, a digital marketing agency based out of San Francisco, to host a Storytelling workshop. Erin has helped dozens of startups learn how to share their…


Feb 27    Riley Petersen

3 Steps to Prioritizing Your Startup’s Growth

We had the pleasure of hosting Ryan Metzger, Director of Growth Marketing at Madrona Venture Group, for a Growth Study Hall. Previously, he was Director of Acquisition Marketing for zulily. With extensive knowledge in SEO/SEM,…


Feb 22    Roya Sabeti

Go Against the Flow

Imagine a world where just as many women started businesses as men. Galvanize teamed up with Go Against the Flow, a movement to encourage 1 million women to be entrepreneurs by the end of 2017,…


Feb 17    Matt Zwiebel

How Is Your Business Supporting Your Customers?

For much of the 20th century, businesses were focused on extracting resources, creating products, and providing services that simply met the needs of their customer. And yet, as they focused on what the customer was…


Jan 16    Galvanize

Elevate Your Startup with Galvanize

Originally published on Medium by Sridhar Kamma, Co-Founder & CEO, Apposphere, Inc.  There are many co-working spaces around, one that especially stands out the most from the rest is Galvanize. As an early stage entrepreneur,…


Jan 9    Adam Griffin

2016 Year in Review and Looking Ahead: Galvanize Membership

Contributions made by Adam Griffin, Director of Membership, Aaron Hohle,  Lead Membership Manager, and Manu Vasconcelos, Lead Member Success Manager.  Hello and Happy New Year, My name is Adam Griffin, and I’m the Director of…


Jan 3    Brittany Slay

3 Inquiry Techniques to Address Confrontation within Your Startup

In collaboration with the Techstars Accelerator Program in Boulder, Galvanize is hosting a workshop series called Model Mondays, on business development, valuations, and market trends, for anyone interested in entrepreneurship. Galvanize had the honor of…


Dec 22    Tony Rehagen

Manual Transition

A fateful Uber ride gave this veteran new direction Two years ago, as fall turned to winter — or what passes for winter — in South Florida, Steve McLaughlin felt lost. He’d emerged from a…

#Web Development

Dec 7    Kristen O'Neill

Mother of Invention

Entrepreneur Janine Williams is raising kids, capital and a company that’s changing the way hotels do business. Janine Williams knew she was sitting on a goldmine. Technically, she was sitting at her dining room table,…


Nov 15    Galvanize

CNN is on the Money: How Galvanize is Innovating the Future of Tech

Galvanize is a learning community for technology where anybody with the aptitude, drive, and determination can acquire the skills and access they need to be successful in today's modern, technology-driven world. I built the school…


Aug 11    Galvanize

From the Source: Startup Advice From GrowthX Founding Partner Max Menke

This is From the Source, a regular series where you hear the stories of the Galvanize community straight from the source. This week, GrowthX founding partner Max Menke discusses his time spent living in China,…


Jul 12    Brittany Slay

Hustle + Grow: Apollonia/St. Renatus Announced FDA Approval, Hillary Clinton visits PanxChange

Hustle + Grow is a monthly showcase of member news, media features, and success stories across the Galvanize community. Apollonia/St.Renatus announced FDA approval on Kovanaze. Apollonia (Fort Collins) announced that its first product, Kovanaze™ Nasal…