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Jun 27    Matthew Drury

Why We Teach Python Instead of R

“Why does the immersive program teach data science in Python instead of R?” is a frequent question from students who are considering joining our immersive program. I have a lot of experience writing both Python…

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Feb 5    Bo Moore

Super Bowl MVP: Cam Newton, Peyton Manning, or 4th Down Bot?

The Denver Broncos are set to square off against the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 this weekend, but had it not been for a few key plays, it could have been Tom Brady and…

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Oct 1    Bo Moore

How the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Saves Lives with Python

Billions, if not trillions of dollars are spent each year to help prevent death and disease, funding research and development of cures, preventative care, and other health initiatives. But the funding is not infinite, so…

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Jul 31    Bo Moore

Eight New Tools for the Python Data Ecosystem

Galvanize recently attended the Dato Data Science Summit in San Francisco, a gathering of more than 1,000 data scientists and researchers from industry and academia to discuss and learn about the most recent advances in…

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Jul 23    Mark Saldaña

30% of Our Data Science Graduates Meet Their Employer at Hiring Day

We've built the Galvanize Data Science and Galvanize Full Stack curriculum with one goal in mind: giving students the skills and opportunity to get an amazing job at a great company. In addition to teaching…

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Jul 14    Galvanize

Seven Python Tools All Data Scientists Should Know How to Use

If you’re an aspiring data scientist, you’re inquisitive – always exploring, learning, and asking questions. Online tutorials and videos can help you prepare you for your first role, but the best way to ensure that…

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