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Jun 8    Galvanize

8 Chill Mixcloud Mixes to Vibe Out to While Coding

With any project, sometimes it’s hard to get in the zone and actually get something done. While we can’t open your laptop for you, we can definitely help get your mind ready. Check out some…

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Apr 13    Tyler Bettilyon

The Scribe, The Conjurer, and The Mentor

This post originally appeared on Medium.com by Tyler Bettilyon, Galvanize Principal Instructor, Web Development. A colleague of mine recently shared a metaphor with me about two computer programmer archetypes, “The Conjurer” and “The Scribe”: The…

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Mar 2    Jim Deters

When It Comes to Tech Education, the Fox Should Not Set the Rules for the Hen House

This post originally appeared on Medium.com by Jim Deters, CEO & Founder, Galvanize. Within the last couple of days, the tech press has reported that a group of coding boot camps and accelerated-learning programs have…


Feb 16    Galvanize

My Unconventional Journey to Redfin

This post originally appeared on Redfin.com by Lissa Walzer, Software Developer at Redfin. Some in the tech industry may call me an “alternative candidate.” I don’t have a computer science degree, and I’ve never had…

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Feb 14    Galvanize

Coffee Coding

You’ve probably heard the term “coding.” But what does it mean? And what does a “web developer” do? Something with the web, sure, but what exactly? Wonder no more. Coffee Coding ‘splains it all. Over…

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Dec 15    Galvanize

Girls + Coding = Awesome

When it comes to diversifying the tech industry, the future starts now. Galvanize is committed to making tech education and access to careers in tech, available to all, especially to women and others who have…

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Nov 4    Galvanize

Veterans: Find Your Next Mission in Tech

Galvanize is committed to creating opportunities for Veterans to gain the skills and knowledge they need to enter the tech industry after service to their country. As Veterans Day approaches, we’ll be chronicling the stories…


Nov 2    Galvanize

I Made This: Kendra Lyndon, Pianissimo

Kendra Lyndon wasn’t always interested in a career in web development. She spent years studying classical piano and earned her bachelor’s degree in music before taking on a role as an office assistant for a retail…

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Dec 23    Galvanize

Programming 101: How to Use Git in the Terminal

Now that you know how to access the terminal and command line, you are ready to add another tool to your programming bucket. Being the GitHub master that you are, let’s talk about accessing and…

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Oct 29    Graham McBain

How to Use Chrome DevTools for the Absolute Beginner

Chrome DevTools are a developer's best friend. With the explosion of Javascript frameworks, it’s more important than ever that you have the ability to work with your code live in the browser. Though DevTools are…

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Oct 28    Galvanize

What Really Matters When Looking for Junior Developer Jobs

You’re finally on your way to landing your first junior dev job. You’ve been crushing code for almost six months, building apps you never thought possible, and now looking forward to working at an awesome…

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Jul 30    Mark Saldaña

Want to Learn to Code? Here Are Seven Things to Do Right Now

Learn to Code Starting your journey to learn to code can be more than a bit overwhelming and intimidating. What languages should you learn? Where are the best online tutorials? Who do you go to…

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Jul 1    Galvanize

Six Web Development Tools You Might Not Know About

Web Development Tools Even the most experienced developers often get caught in a programming pickle. Thankfully, there’s a wealth of online resources and tools to help you out when you get stuck. To get a…

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Apr 22    Mark Saldaña

Level Up Podcast 006 – Devon Tivona, CEO and Co-founder of Native

This week we speak with iOS programmer and Native co-founder Devon Tivona about building his team, “adaptive excellence,” and what skills programmers need to be successful. Don’t forget to subscribe to us on iTunes and…