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Jul 31    Chris Outcalt

The B Side

Will Johnson walked away from a big time record label in New York City—and discovered he had a passion for data science. Will Johnson stumbled into the music business in his early 20s. On a…

#Data Science

Jun 27    Galvanize

Be Somebody

There came a time last year when piecing together gigs as a musician and freelance photographer wasn’t cutting it anymore for Tosin Awofeso. He needed something he could count on, more of a steady paycheck…

#Web Development

Jun 8    Brittany Slay

8 Chill Mixcloud Mixes to Vibe Out to While Coding

With any project, sometimes it’s hard to get in the zone and actually get something done. While we can’t open your laptop for you, we can definitely help get your mind ready. Check out some…

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Mar 24    Chris Outcalt

“Hell Yeah!”

Learning to code helped Tosin Awofeso find the home he’d always wanted in Austin. Tosin Awofeso felt like he didn’t have a lot of options. With a baby on the way, stringing together freelance gigs…

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Jul 29    Bo Moore

This Music Startup is Customizing Guitars and Creating an Entirely New Sound

In late 2011, Adam Lee's brother Shaun was walking the streets of his hometown, Johannesburg, South Africa, when he came across a group of local street musicians. The group had repurposed discarded materials into playable…


May 28    Brittany Slay

Data Science Projects: Musical Pitch Classification and Visualization

Classifying and Visualizing Musical Pitch with K-means Clustering The Galvanize data science curriculum includes a collection of machine learning topics popular among data scientists in the tech industry, but the skills students learn at Galvanize…

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