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May 25    Galvanize

How to Win With AI In The 4th Industrial Revolution

Artificial Intelligence is the future, and the future is here. Our brilliant & brainy Director of Data Science, Nir Kaldero, led this session at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC where he lays out a framework and tools…

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Apr 13    Jim Deters

Is Your Workforce DOA On The Oregon Trail?

This post originally appeared on Medium.com by Jim Deters, CEO & Founder, Galvanize.  In today’s hyper-digital world, whether CEOs and top executives realize it or not, every company — from polished Fortune 500’s to nimble…


Apr 7    Haley Gray

Major League Data

From the perfect spot to catch a foul ball to the closest proximity to the tastiest eats, IdealSeat gives fans the power to find the best seats for the sports experience they want. Top of…


Apr 4    Kristen O'Neill

Data Science Baller

Anthony So leveled up his skills and landed his dream job with the Phoenix Suns. “He’s got game” usually refers to someone’s athletic skills or romantic swagger. In Anthony So’s case, he’s got mad game...data…

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Mar 7    Galvanize

Learning from the Past and Winning the Present

Congrats to GalvanizeU graduates Baolin Liu and Jonathan Hourany, current gU student Anthony Abercrombie, Data Scientist in Residence Eugene Huang, and their teammate Jared Wilber, a UC Berkeley grad student, on taking first place at…

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Feb 23    Galvanize

Joining The (Information) Revolution

Marvin Bertin was trying to decide what to do next. He’d just completed his Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and wanted to find a way into a field that,…

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Jan 26    Galvanize

A Couple of Dropouts

Slaying your goals means facing your fears. Like dropping out of college to pursue a career in data science. That’s what Juno & Tyler did. (Juno even walked away from a full ride scholarship!) Here's…

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Jan 12    Galvanize

Data Driven Success

Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t belong in tech. Believing in yourself and leveling up your skills at Galvanize pays off. Just ask Tracy Lee.   Level Up

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Jan 4    Galvanize

Take a Hike

What does a data scientist-in-training do when she’s not a big fan of hiking, but her boyfriend is super into it? If you’re Olivia Schow, you use real life as inspiration for your capstone project,…

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Dec 29    Galvanize

Where Galvanize Grads Got Hired in 2016

2016 was a doozy. Chock full of ups, downs and what-the-whats? Here at Galvanize, we're giving props to all of our students who worked their hearts out this year to level up and build careers…

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Dec 28    Galvanize

Galvanize Named One of SwitchUp’s 2016 Best Bootcamp

If you’re like us, you do your research. You want to know that putting your time, money and effort into something is going to pay off. That’s when a site like Switchup comes in handy.…

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Oct 10    Amelia Aaron

Data Science Insights from Uber, Pinterest, Slack & More

Explore the first annual Kaizen Data Conference Where do the top minds in data science gather to discuss how they solve tough problems? The Kaizen Data Conference - an applied data conference focusing on data…

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Sep 19    Haley Gray

Why You Need a Data Scientist on Your Team

A data scientist is, essentially, a statistician who can code. That might not sound like a big deal, but in reality, companies are chomping at the bit to hire data scientists–so much so that Glassdoor just…

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Jul 28    Galvanize

From the Source: How Marvin Bertin Found a Passion for Data Science While Studying Robotics

I'm from France originally, and then I moved to Montreal, Canada to do my undergrad in mechanical engineering. For a very long time I was interested in mechanical engineering, aeronautics, things like that. Then I…

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Dec 18    Bo Moore

How Random Forest Modeling Solves Seattle’s Bikesharing Problem

In 2008, Washington D.C. became the first place in North America to launch a bike sharing program. Since then, bikesharing programs such as New York's Citi Bike and San Francisco's Bay Area Bike Share have…

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Nov 13    Mark Saldaña

Predicting Purchases with Machine Learning – Video

In her project called “More than Guts,” Galvanize Data Science graduate Deseanae Bluiett uses machine learning to easily provide data driven sales and marketing insights. The focal point is an interactive sales and marketing dashboard that…

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Nov 5    Bo Moore

What Counting Jelly Beans Can Teach Us About Machine Learning

Remember that old carnival game, the one where you attempt to guess the number of jelly beans in a jar? While it often took some combination of luck and skill for any single person to…

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Sep 15    Bo Moore

What the Ashley Madison Hack Teaches Us about Ethics, Noisy Data and Machine Learning

How is your data being used? Who is it being shared with? Data privacy is a major ethical issue facing data scientists. Access to and analysis of data can be a great benefit---personalized treatment is…

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