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Aug 8    Haley Gray

What is a Back-End Developer?

When a user of, say, weather.com types “Denver” into the search bar and hits enter, a request is sent from the website’s front-end to its back-end. The back-end receives a message that tells it to…

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Aug 5    Galvanize

Our Favorite Coding Tutorials and How-to Videos

Today, Galvanize is proud to announce the launch of our new how-to site, a dedicated learning space for technology. Playing host to new articles as well as some of our most informative posts from the…

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Aug 3    Bo Moore

JavaScript for Beginners

What is JavaScript? JavaScript is one of the three core components of a website. Along with HTML and CSS, it makes up what is known as the front-end—the part of a website that a user…

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Jul 14    Galvanize

The Story Behind Java and JavaScript: What’s The Difference?

This post was written by Elana Kopelevich, Galvanize Web Development Resident Java ≠ JavaScript When you're first getting started with programming, your ears start to perk up at new words. You start catching familiar terms…

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