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Feb 7    Lisa Greim

Five Ways to Get the Skinny on Companies You Want to Work For

A leading candidate for a job opening sat across the table from the hiring manager and a few other team members. Her resume looked great, her cover letter was well-written and error-free, and her salary…

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Nov 2    Lisa Greim

Reinforce your Personal Brand with Social Media

So you’ve gotten to know what personal branding is, you've developed a brand profile based on your strengths, and figured out how to customize your resume for each job without losing your uniqueness. What to do…

#Data Science  #Web Development

Apr 11    Galvanize

How to Get Hired as a Data Scientist (Video Series)

You've just graduated from a data science immersive program. You're a whiz at Python and SQL, can independently tackle data modeling and machine learning, and you're eager to begin solving real world problems. First, you need…

#Data Science

Jun 26    Brittany Slay

How I Got a Job at a Startup (without Being Technical)

If you’re not technical, landing a gig at a growing startup can seem impossible. But you don’t have to be a programmer or data scientist to land your dream job (though it certainly helps). As…


Jun 10    Mark Saldaña

How to Hire Great Data Scientists

We told you why you should hire data scientists, now we'll tell you how. Whether you’re building a startup or trying to innovate at a well-established company, you’re likely always on the prowl for technical…

#Data Science

Dec 5    Mark Saldaña

Galvanize Member Spotlight: Spex

There is nothing we love more than seeing community members join as a one or two-person team, scale, pivot, grow and ultimately, hit a great stride as they take their startup to the next level. Our…