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Jun 29    Adam Griffin

The Future of Entrepreneurship: An ESHIP Summit Recap

The future of entrepreneurship is bright. That is, if myself and 400 of my new friends that attended last week’s ESHIP Summit have anything to do about it. The ESHIP Summit, put on by the…


Feb 6    Galvanize

Expanding Opportunities in Tech with the Adobe Digital Academy

Our core mission at Galvanize is to provide access to the tech industry to anyone who has the aptitude and drive to build a career in the fields of entrepreneurship, web development, and data science.…

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Jul 9    Bo Moore

Why Making Tech More Inclusive is All About Education

Lorien Smyer had been a bookkeeper for more than 20 years, but when the record store chain she worked for relocated to Santa Cruz, she decided to explore a new career path. "I've loved everything…


May 22    Mark Saldaña

Galvanize’s First Graduate Diversity Report

We’ve made huge progress over the last few months at Galvanize – in addition to offering scholarships to underrepresented groups through organizations like the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Silicon Valley Bank and Google, we’ve partnered with Galvanize…