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Jul 12    Chris Outcalt

The Right Move

How Erica Epperson, a single mother with three children, found her way back to coding. Erica Epperson’s life was finally starting to slow down. For the past decade or so, after going through a divorce,…

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Jun 27    Galvanize

Be Somebody

There came a time last year when piecing together gigs as a musician and freelance photographer wasn’t cutting it anymore for Tosin Awofeso. He needed something he could count on, more of a steady paycheck…

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Jun 27    Matthew Drury

Why We Teach Python Instead of R

“Why does the immersive program teach data science in Python instead of R?” is a frequent question from students who are considering joining our immersive program. I have a lot of experience writing both Python…

#Data Science

Jun 20    Galvanize

Setting a New Precedent

Some people are daunted by the mere thought of making a career change, even when they really want to. Successful people take that challenge as an opportunity. They summon their courage and push themselves to…

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Jun 15    Brittany Slay

Smarts, Drive, and Grit: Why 2017 is a Promising Year for Women in STEM

This week, NASA graduated its newest class of astronauts. Out of over 18,000 applicants from around the United States and its territories, only 12 people were selected, or less than 1 for every 1,500 who…


Jun 8    Brittany Slay

8 Chill Mixcloud Mixes to Vibe Out to While Coding

With any project, sometimes it’s hard to get in the zone and actually get something done. While we can’t open your laptop for you, we can definitely help get your mind ready. Check out some…

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Jun 5    Galvanize

Progressive Web Apps Are The Future

Get the lowdown on Progressive Web Apps – why PWAs are the freshest way to reach more users and create richer user experiences and engagement. All right, everybody. Welcome to "Progressive Web Apps Are the…

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Apr 18    Keirah Dein

F8 Meetup Seattle (Co-hosted by Galvanize & Facebook)

Seattle developers! Explore the future of technology and connect with the local tech and startup community at F8 Meetup at Galvanize! F8, Facebook’s annual developer conference is taking place on 18-19 April 2017 in San…

Apr 13    Tyler Bettilyon

The Scribe, The Conjurer, and The Mentor

This post originally appeared on Medium.com by Tyler Bettilyon, Galvanize Principal Instructor, Web Development. A colleague of mine recently shared a metaphor with me about two computer programmer archetypes, “The Conjurer” and “The Scribe”: The…

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Feb 16    Galvanize

My Unconventional Journey to Redfin

This post originally appeared on Redfin.com by Lissa Walzer, Software Developer at Redfin. Some in the tech industry may call me an “alternative candidate.” I don’t have a computer science degree, and I’ve never had…

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Feb 6    Galvanize

Expanding Opportunities in Tech with the Adobe Digital Academy

Our core mission at Galvanize is to provide access to the tech industry to anyone who has the aptitude and drive to build a career in the fields of entrepreneurship, web development, and data science.…

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Feb 1    Galvanize

The Secret to His Success

Most people can’t say they launched one, let alone two profitable business ventures in their 20s. But like many of us, Ricky Padilla wanted more time with his family and less time being consumed by…

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Jan 26    Galvanize

A Couple of Dropouts

Slaying your goals means facing your fears. Like dropping out of college to pursue a career in data science. That’s what Juno & Tyler did. (Juno even walked away from a full ride scholarship!) Here's…

#Data Science

Jan 6    Kristen O'Neill

No Shoes, No Jacket…No Problem

One woman’s journey from law school to web developer (Hint: she’s happier now) On her first day of class at Galvanize’s Web Development Immersive course last spring, Erika Angarita was a little nervous. Not because…

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Dec 29    Galvanize

Where Galvanize Grads Got Hired in 2016

2016 was a doozy. Chock full of ups, downs and what-the-whats? Here at Galvanize, we're giving props to all of our students who worked their hearts out this year to level up and build careers…

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Dec 28    Galvanize

Galvanize Named One of SwitchUp’s 2016 Best Bootcamp

If you’re like us, you do your research. You want to know that putting your time, money and effort into something is going to pay off. That’s when a site like Switchup comes in handy.…

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Dec 22    Tony Rehagen

Manual Transition

A fateful Uber ride gave this veteran new direction Two years ago, as fall turned to winter — or what passes for winter — in South Florida, Steve McLaughlin felt lost. He’d emerged from a…

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Dec 20    Galvanize

A More Flexible Way to Level Up Your Tech Skills

At Galvanize we are committed to making tech education and access to careers in tech available to everyone. This is why we are excited to introduce a brand new series of part-time courses to our…


Dec 15    Galvanize

Girls + Coding = Awesome

When it comes to diversifying the tech industry, the future starts now. Galvanize is committed to making tech education and access to careers in tech, available to all, especially to women and others who have…

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Nov 15    Galvanize

CNN is on the Money: How Galvanize is Innovating the Future of Tech

Galvanize is a learning community for technology where anybody with the aptitude, drive, and determination can acquire the skills and access they need to be successful in today's modern, technology-driven world. I built the school…


Nov 2    Galvanize

I Made This: Kendra Lyndon, Pianissimo

Kendra Lyndon wasn’t always interested in a career in web development. She spent years studying classical piano and earned her bachelor’s degree in music before taking on a role as an office assistant for a retail…

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Oct 27    Galvanize

I Made This: Heather Stone, Botanize

Heather Stone is many things: a botanist, podcast host, writer, published scientist –– and, thanks to Galvanize, a talented web developer. From a young age, Heather was fascinated with language. She studied English, Spanish and…

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Oct 26    Lisa Marshall

Why One High School Senior Bypassed College to Learn to Code

In the fall of 2015, high school seniors across the country crossed their ‘t’s and dotted their ‘I’s on their college applications, as their parents toiled over financial aid forms and braced for the sticker…

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Oct 25    Galvanize

I Made This: Ben Goebel, HyperBot

Like many Galvanize students, Ben Goebel didn’t take the “traditional” route to web development. Prior to joining our full-time Web Development Immersive (WDI), Ben explored a range of opportunities, from teaching English in Indonesia to…

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Sep 8    Brittany Slay

Pair Programming: Two Heads are Better than One

With GitHub, developers have the opportunity to share and collaborate with other developers on their projects. But not all collaboration happens on GitHub. Let’s take a look at why pair programming is an essential skill…

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