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Sep 26    Elisa Goldberg

Austin Startup Week 2017

After much talk and planning, Austin Startup Week is only a few short days away! Last year, we had over 2,000 visitors join us for panels, investor speed dating, and networking. We can’t wait to…

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Jul 31    Chris Outcalt

The B Side

Will Johnson walked away from a big time record label in New York City—and discovered he had a passion for data science. Will Johnson stumbled into the music business in his early 20s. On a…

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Jun 27    Galvanize

Be Somebody

There came a time last year when piecing together gigs as a musician and freelance photographer wasn’t cutting it anymore for Tosin Awofeso. He needed something he could count on, more of a steady paycheck…

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Jun 20    Galvanize

Setting a New Precedent

Some people are daunted by the mere thought of making a career change, even when they really want to. Successful people take that challenge as an opportunity. They summon their courage and push themselves to…

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Mar 24    Chris Outcalt

“Hell Yeah!”

Learning to code helped Tosin Awofeso find the home he’d always wanted in Austin. Tosin Awofeso felt like he didn’t have a lot of options. With a baby on the way, stringing together freelance gigs…

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Jan 20    Chris Outcalt

Coding For A Cause

Tim Chew came to Galvanize to nudge the universe, and he plans to start by working with a population that could use some help: refugees. “Well, there’s one other part of my story,” says Timothy…

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Jan 16    Galvanize

Elevate Your Startup with Galvanize

Originally published on Medium by Sridhar Kamma, Co-Founder & CEO, Apposphere, Inc.  There are many co-working spaces around, one that especially stands out the most from the rest is Galvanize. As an early stage entrepreneur,…


Jan 6    Kristen O'Neill

No Shoes, No Jacket…No Problem

One woman’s journey from law school to web developer (Hint: she’s happier now) On her first day of class at Galvanize’s Web Development Immersive course last spring, Erika Angarita was a little nervous. Not because…

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Dec 15    Lauren Lark

The Ballad Of A Web Developer

How Galvanize helped Bryan Brophy retune his life. In the summer of 2010, Bryan Brophy was lying on his bunk in the back of a tour bus parked in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on the phone…

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Nov 30    Chris Outcalt

Coding The Cars Of The Future

“The last thing I wanted was a boot camp; I wanted a solid understanding of coding.” Ten years before Groupon was even a thing, Chris Castro, a 17-year-old kid who lived in the suburbs of…

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May 13    Galvanize

Recap: Tech Inclusion Austin 2016

Technology impacts every sector of business and innovation. Yet opportunity and access to technology for underrepresented groups remains a critical issue. In March, Tech Inclusion, the Clinton Foundation’s No Ceilings initiative, and Galvanize came together…


Aug 12    Jim Deters

Our Seventh Campus – Galvanize Austin Opens in 2016

Tweet I’m excited to announce that Galvanize will be launching our seventh campus in Austin, Texas, in February 2016. This marks a significant milestone in Galvanize’s history as we take a momentous step in making…