From the Source: Adam Williams

From the Source: Adam Williams

The Garage is my first IBM job. I started in September, but the time goes by so fast. Because we work so fast, our deliveries are usually around six weeks. I’ve done six to eight different projects of varying scope so far, so I get to see a lot of lines of business out in the world, and I get to experience a lot of different challenges. I really enjoy that. Every day is a fresh day. It hasn’t felt like eight or nine months, it just feels like I’ve been here some time, and every day is fast-paced.

Directly before this, I was working at a summer camp north of Boston. It’s a science and technology camp, and because of that they basically have majors. One of the majors was web and graphic design, and the job basically landed in my lap as I was looking for a new job, and I decided it would be a great reset opportunity. It was a blast. I would work basically 24/7 for about eight weeks. Made a lot of good friends. Got to teach kids from fifth to tenth grade all about web and graphic design.

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I’m originally from Alabama. I went to Auburn for undergrad where I got my industrial design degree. My last semester there I sort of discovered user experience, user research, and decided I needed to get a little bit more knowledge in that area. So I went to grad school at Indiana University. Graduated from there in 2014 and took a job in Southern California doing research on in-vehicle experience. The company build head units, and I was doing some usability tests on them.

I wanted to be doing more design work, and then I went to the summer camp because I do like teaching. So this job that meshes design thinking facilitation with design work is a perfect medium of that. I’m really happy.

I’m pretty typical most days. Netflix and a Sprig dinner, that’s pretty typical. I like to hike. I don’t have a car in the city. Coming from the south, where everyone has a car, it blows my family’s mind that I don’t have a car. But there’s enough hikes nearby that I can get to, and I’ve had a great time exploring the outer area. I also do some urban hiking, where I’ll just go to a neighborhood for the afternoon, find the hidden gems.

Going to see live music is my biggest fun hobby. I will splurge to see live music more often than anything else.

I’m pretty heavily into modern bluegrass where there’s some pretty good modern songwriting over bluegrass rhythms.

My favorite show is Hardly Strictly Bluegrass here in town. It’s such a great culmination of San Francisco culture. It’s a free show in Golden Gate Park, so you get everything from gutter punks to posh people with their wine and cheese. You get that whole continuum of San Francisco people, and a lot of great live music.

-Adam Williams, UX designer at IBM Bluemix Garage. You can find him on Twitter.


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