Sales Hooks and Scaling with Sue Heilbronner, CEO of MergeLane


At Galvanize, we’re putting a whole new spin on Study Hall with monthly, members-only sessions. At every Study Hall, industry all-stars present on one of three topics –– growth, funding, or product –– and collaborate with Galvanizers to spur innovation, solve problems, and harness the power of our dynamic startup community.

The Galvanize Boulder campus had the honor of hosting a Growth Study Hall with Sue Heilbronner, CEO at MergeLane, an accelerator, leadership camp, and investment fund for high-potential female leaders and startups.

The Study Hall session covered an array of growth areas including sales hooks, investor decks, channel sales, automating processes, and more.

One of the discussion topics was on how to sell into B2B channels. Sue’s recommended reading on the topic is the book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business. Some practical tips from that discussion on B2B selling included:

  • Use a lean testing methodology for all channels. Write assumptions about what you think will happen and then test. The lean process is cheaper and allows you to find the right channels that fit currently for your business.
  • Write long form media posts that link to social with the goal of creating conversations on Twitter.
  • There is a process to building relationships. How do you balance a short term versus long term relationships? Start at the same time and know that the payouts would be in different cycles.

These highlights just scratch the surface of the incredible content and dialogue of this Growth Study Hall with Sue Heilbronner. The members walked away with both new and deeper understanding of the product development process.

From early-stage entrepreneurs to established founders, Galvanize Members at every stage of their careers will benefit from the insights shared at our Study Halls.


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