The Data Scientist’s Guide to


Preparing to Interview Navigating the Job Search Process

At Galvanize we want to do everything we can to help any learner on their journey! Being lifelong learners ourselves, we never think that learning is over and see the transition into industry as one of the most important stages of a learner’s journey. And this is especially true of such an interdisciplinary and applied field as data science, where many of the most important lessons are learned on the job.

Preparing to Interview

To be successful in a data science interview, you not only need to demonstrate technical competency but also show that you can communicate and collaborate effectively. This mix of hard and soft skills is one of the reasons navigating the data science interview tends to be more difficult than other domains. But not to worry, we have created step-by-step guides to make sure you are prepared before you even talk to a recruiter!

Navigating the Job Search Process

Knowing how to pique the interest of employers with your talents is both art and science… and we are here to help you with both! Having been on both sides and having seen hundreds of students go through the process, we have always wanted to demystify the data science interview. And once you have an offer in hand, knowing how to choose the right company is a pivotal decision for your future career as a data scientist!

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