Predicting the Futures

Predicting the Futures

Cooper Stainbrook knows corn. And he knows data science.

It wasn’t always that way.

He grew up on a farm in Minnesota, and traded the fields for a career in finance after graduating from Yale with a B.A. in Economics in 2015. But he soon realized the investment world wasn’t for him.

“I came to Galvanize largely because I wanted to make a career shift,” Stainbrook says. “ I found that my most rewarding projects in the investment industry were centered around data as a form of tangible evidence. I also thought that data analysis was so powerful, and could be applied to such a broad range of topics, it would be a useful skill to have even if I didn’t stay in the ‘data science’ industry.”  

He enrolled in the Data Science Immersive course at Galvanize’s Platte campus in Denver, where he could level up his skills and enjoy the unique mix of urban life and outdoor recreation that the Mile High City has to offer.  

For his capstone project — the culmination of every student’s journey through the Galvanize DSI — Stainbrook mashed up his affinity for farming with his background in the investment industry and his newly-minted data science know-how. The result is a prediction model that “helps farmers hedge and traders speculate” by forecasting a range of potential corn prices using data on the corn market and weather analytics in key producing states.


Data science is changing industries across the globe. By becoming a data scientist, Cooper Stainbrook is changing his life — and opening himself to a world of new professional opportunities.


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