Portfolio Spotlight: Stream Helps Developers Build, Scale, and Personalize Feeds


If you look at a modern day application, you’ll see that many of the major parts of web and mobile apps are built using technology components. Stream is an API for building, scaling and personalizing content feeds.

Developers use Sendgrid for email, Algolia for search, Twilio for SMS, Mapbox for Maps, and Keen.io for custom analytics. Stream is the lego piece for adding feeds to an application.

In the past, startups like Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr had to invest considerable resources to build their own feed technology. Feeds have become incredibly popular over the last few years. In fact, 1 out of 5 applications has a feed. Building this technology in-house is expensive and error prone (remember Twitter’s fail whale, or Tumblr’s year of technical cleanup?).

A few examples about Stream’s customers show just how widespread feeds are:

Left: Fabric (part of Twitter) error tracking. Middle: Dwell home decoration and design content discovery Right: Bandsintown follow and discover artists

Left: Fabric (part of Twitter) error tracking.
Middle: Dwell home decoration and design content discovery
Right: Bandsintown follow and discover artists

That’s just a small selection. Feeds are used to help consumers stay up to date about stock market investments, leads on Salesforce, and shopping on Etsy. Feeds are the leading way through which consumers discover content online.

Company History

Stream was started in Amsterdam, based on the founders’ deep expertise in building feed technology:

Thierry Schellenbach (Dutch) is the founder and CEO of Stream. He graduated in business cum laude with honours from Erasmus University. At the age of 14, he started his first profitable site and discovered a passion for technology. Thierry is the author of several widely used Python packages including Stream Framework and Django-facebook. Before founding Stream he co-founded Fashiolista.


Tommaso Barbugli (Italian) is the founder and CTO of Stream. He loves coding, building complex stuff, kayaking, hiking and climbing. He previously worked at Fashiolista as a Lead Engineer. He has expertise in Python, high scalability, AWS and Cassandra. He’s the author of Cassandra Snapshotter, contributor to the cassandra python-driver, and an author for High Scalability.

Soon after the product’s launch the team was accepted into Techstars NYC. After the program, Stream moved their HQ to Boulder, CO and raised a $1.75 million seed round. Investors include FG Angels, Techstars Ventures, Tahoma Ventures, Social Starts, Galvanize, Dharmesh Shah, Wayne Chang, Jud Valeski, Kyle Wild and James Powell.

Galvanize Ventures invested in Stream because there is a massive opportunity to make developers lives easier and to power the enormous number of web and mobile apps that will need scalable, personalized feeds. Galvanize students in the Web Development and Data Science immersives can also leverage Stream to build their own applications.

Today, over 300 companies rely on Stream for their production applications, creating engaging feeds for over 50 million users and processing hundreds of millions of feed updates per week.


Stream is hiring in Boulder and Amsterdam, a unique chance to join an amazing team of technologists and creatives who have grown companies to IPO and built and designed applications used by millions of people.

They recently launched a new site with a 5 minute interactive tutorial that lets anyone try out the API. In addition, they’re currently working on a large marketing collaboration with Algolia, Digital Ocean and others. The project is called Cabin, and teaches developers how to build a fully functional photo sharing application using Facebook’s React and Redux technology.


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