Portfolio Spotlight: Moment is Changing the Face of Mobile Photography

Portfolio Spotlight: Moment is Changing the Face of Mobile Photography

Moment is making the best tools in the world for mobile photographers.

Galvanize invested in Moment because they’ve realized that the future of photography is in your pocket. The best camera is the one you have with you–and for nearly everyone, that camera is your mobile phone. According to KPCB, the total number of smartphone phone users was over 2 billion 2014, and it’s growing at 20% each year. Moment’s mission is to make your phone work more like a camera so you can capture beautiful moments no matter where you are. Moment is one of 8 other companies with a hardware component in the Galvanize Portfolio.

The first Moment lens was launched in early 2014 on Kickstarter, and the campaign was a wild success. They surpassed their goal, raised $100k in the first 28 hours, and were covered by Wired, HypeBeast, and many other publications. Moment ended up raising over $450k from nearly 5,000 backers. Take a look at their breathtaking campaign video below:

After its successful kickstarter, Moment hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. They built an iOS app that makes it easier to capture better pictures with your phone and earlier this year launched another Kickstarter for the Moment Case. They one-upped the original campaign, raising $100k in 24 hours, and close to $700k in total with help from an awesome article in Forbes. Another beautiful video helped drive the campaign’s success.

Moment currently has three products in the market (the Lens, Case, and iOS app) that work great individually, but, when put together, redefine mobile photography. You can purchase Moment’s lens directly from the online store for $99. The case will be publicly available in July, you can notified when they are available at http://momentlens.co/case/. Moment will continue to create innovative new products that make phones more powerful cameras.

Screen Shot on 2015-06-25 at 13-36-14

Here’s an example of a picture taken with an iPhone 6 and a moment wide lens:

Screen Shot on 2015-06-25 at 13-36-37

You can find more photos like these on Moment’s Instagram. They’ve built an impressive social media following that drives a large portion of their growth and repeat purchases. Moment has predictable customer acquisition costs through a variety of channels and is consistently growing monthly revenue.

Moment was started by a team with deep expertise and passion for mobile photography. Here’s a quick look at who they are:

  • Marc Barros was previously the cofounder of Contour, a hands-free action video company that was on the Inc 500 fastest growing companies.
  • Erik Hedberg was the Chief Product Designer at Contour, and does design and product at Moment.
  • Michael Thomas has an optics background from University of Rochester, and helps design the optics behind the lenses.
  • Russell Hudyma also studied optics at University of Rochester and helps create the brilliance behind the lens capabilities.
  • Richard Tait spent 10 years at Microsoft, and has help start 14 companies.

Moment has quietly grown to nine people, which consists of some of the best product builders and content creators in the world. Galvanize continues to be impressed by the Moment’s relentless focus on building a growing, profitable business. Moment has also built close relationships with a high-quality manufacturer in China and the same distribution company that Apple uses.

Built entirely on word of mouth, the company is searching for its first performance marketer as it looks to better understand its customer acquisition channels. Of course, the company is always looking for talented software engineers that love mobile photography.

Moment’s last round of funding was $1.5M and included backing from Foundry Group, Maveron, VaynerRSE, and Lux Capital.  Moment will be raising a Series A round of financing in the next six to twelve months.

You can follow Moment on AngelList, and head to their site to find out more about their products.

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