Portfolio Spotlight: Brandzooka, Video Advertising for Everyone

Portfolio Spotlight: Brandzooka, Video Advertising for Everyone

Video advertising has quickly become a major part of online advertising. YouTube was an early pioneer, and today video ads run on Facebook, New York Times, and almost every large media site. These ads run as pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll, and are often some of the most engaging forms of advertising. Digital video advertising spend will be over $9B this year.

In early 2015, Alex Bogusky, co-founder of renowned advertising firm CP+B, was watching online videos and noticed the same truck ads, playing over and over again on different videos. Curious to find out why, he met with Aquiles La Grave, a digital ad industry expert. The two discovered that the only way to advertise with many major publishers was to be a big brand with a big budget—small brands didn’t have the same access. If they designed an interface that hooked into the major digital advertising exchanges, they could give local coffee shops the to push video advertisements to their target audience, creating a better experience for the viewer and the brand. From this idea, Brandzooka was born.


Pictured: the Brandzooka audience targeting experience.

In democratizing the world of video advertising for businesses that can’t afford a multimillion dollar ad buy, any brand can now appear on the front page of the nytimes.com. Brandzooka takes the knowledge and expertise available to the world’s leading media agencies and uses artificial intelligence to create a solution that advertisers of any size can use.

To launch Brandzooka, the team built the product and established a partnerships with larger adtech players. In less than a year, Brandzooka formed partnerships with 64 ad networks, including Google, Brightroll, LiveRail, and spotXchange, as well as 31 data platforms including Experian, Nielsen, and Datalogix. This gives them access to a diverse inventory of media sites to place ads for their customers.

Galvanize Ventures invested in Brandzooka’s $1.5M round alongside seasoned adtech investors including IMM, eonCaptial, Mahalo Captial, and RSVP Ventures. Brandzooka built the initial product as a part of the Boomtown accelerator in the spring of 2015. Galvanize is a customer and has seen consistent results from the campaigns focused on student lead generation. By extension, the Galvanize community can access Brandzooka as a part of their advertising strategy.

The founders of Brandzooka are known experts in the digital media industry:

Alex Bogusky is the founder and Chairman. He is a designer, marketer, author, consumer advocate, and investor. An Angel in countless companies including Lyft and SpotX, Alex founded Brandzooka on the belief that in today’s world, businesses should compete on the size or their idea rather than the size of their budgets.

Aquiles La Grave is the founder and CEO. He is a dude from Boulder. You may have seen him around, he does stuff, he’s brown, and no one knows for sure where he’s from or how he got here. He likes doing things like disrupting programmatic advertising, being CEO, and dropping a lot of f’bombs.

Kelly Dotseth is the Founder and CXO. Her background ranges from international law and business management in startup land. Kelly has managed and scaled national and international business accounts for companies and scaled relationships with clients ranging from small local start-ups to Fortune 100s. Today, she’s helping push Brandzooka into the limelight of the ad tech world.

Brandzooka video advertising starts at $50. Activate your first campaign here.

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