Omar’s journey at Galvanize

One student’s journey through our program to success

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Why Omar was Ready for More

In Snapshot 1 we learn about why Omar was ready to learn web development.
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Why did Omar choose Galvanize

2016 Galvanize grad Omar Sobh applied to our Web Development Bootcamp because he wanted to learn how to build more than just one piece of the puzzle.
Then he landed a killer job at Pandora.

Making the Leap

In Snapshot 3, we will discuss the factors Omar had to account for in order to make the leap!
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How Omar Landed a Killer Job at Pandora

In Snapshot 4, we’ll take a look at Omar’s post-graduation hiring process.
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Why Galvanize

"I did a lot of research and attended a day at the Galvanize campus in Boulder. I saw the community behind the program and really loved the interpersonal relationship between the instructors and the students. It wasn’t like this formal setting you’d get in a classroom, and that really engaged me."

"I’ve seen a lot of different bootcamps advertised, but the one that interested me the most was Galvanize, where I could take six months to focus deeply on a skill that I really wanted to have in my toolset."

First Day on Campus

"One of the most amazing things about our first day was meeting all the people in the different cohorts, and the discovering the variety of backgrounds they came from. People from finance, health, IT, previous CEOs and founders...It was amazing."

Not Your Typical Classroom

"The instructors made it clear that this was not a university class or an average classroom setting; this was completely different. It wasn’t a competition. It was an experience we were going to go through as a team. We realized we were all in this together."

That Breakthrough Moment

"We were assigned our first project at a point where I still wasn’t totally confident I could build anything at all. I started building a music application that I’d had in my head for a long time. When I presented it to the class, they were like ‘That’s a really cool! I want to use that app.’ That was a breakthrough moment. That’s what made it all worth it to me. I could see the knowledge that I was picking up actually coming together — forming applications and ideas that people were loving and interacting with."

Stellar Instructors

"No matter what life threw at them outside the classroom, our instructors came in excited and happy to be there. We could feel their excitement every morning. It was infectious. We were like, ‘Give us whatever you can, and we’ll take it and run with it. We’re confident we can learn whatever you’re going to throw at us."

Learning Doesn't Stop When You
Leave the Classroom

"The most valuable skill the instructors taught us was how to pick up a lot of material in a short amount of time, and how to learn for ourselves. I’m forever grateful."

Return on Investment

"As I went through the process of learning how to build things, I became more and more confident in my skills and my ability to build them. Now I don’t have to rely on anybody to help me make something happen. I have the knowledge, and if I don’t have it, I know how to find it. I know how to put it all together for myself. That was the most important skill I learned at Galvanize. Without Galvanize, I don’t know how many years it would have taken me to get to that point."

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