Omar’s journey at Galvanize

One student’s journey through our program to success

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Why Omar was Ready for More

In Snapshot 1 we learn about why Omar was ready to learn web development.
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Why Omar chose Galvanize

In Snapshot 2 we’ll take a look at what considerations Omar faced and why Galvanize gave him the confidence to take the leap.
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Making the Leap

Omar Sobh wanted to commit to our rigorous Web Development program, but he had his doubts. Here’s how he made it happen:

How Omar Landed a Killer Job at Pandora

In Snapshot 4, we’ll take a look at Omar’s post-graduation hiring process.
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Technical Review

"I went through the technical interview, where I connected with one of the instructors online and did a little bit of code navigation and code review, to see what I knew about coding in general, and if I needed to learn the super basics or if I was someone who could hit the ground running."

Monetary Considerations

"The monetary commitment was a big factor. But once I saw the program at Galvanize and everything it was going to involve, that gave me the reassurance that if I went into it with my all, I would reap the benefits. At that point, the monetary costs were negligible to me, because I knew the end rewards would be greater than my concerns at the beginning."

Time Commitment

"I remained employed at the University and telecommuted throughout the six month program. It was really intense, but it was definitely worth it in the end."

Let’s talk through what’s holding you back, and how Galvanize can help you make the leap!


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