Omar’s journey at Galvanize

One student’s journey through our program to success

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Why Omar was Ready for More

Before coming to Galvanize, Omar was working as an infrastructure engineer at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.
He had no post-secondary degrees and no formal training; just a high school diploma and the drive to make the most of his curiosity and potential.

Why Omar chose Galvanize

In Snapshot 2 we’ll take a look at what considerations Omar faced and why Galvanize gave him the confidence to take the leap.
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Making the Leap

In Snapshot 3, we will discuss the factors Omar had to account for in order to make the leap!
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How Omar Landed a Killer Job at Pandora

In Snapshot 4, we’ll take a look at Omar’s post-graduation hiring process.
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"I had always been involved with the infrastructure side of things, but not actually building web applications. I dabbled in it and hacked different pieces together, and I’d seen different languages and a little bit of code here and there, but I could never really connect all the dots together. I knew I needed to take my skills to the next level."

"I wanted to take a chunk of time and focus deeply on a skill that I really wanted to have in my toolset — Web Development. I wanted to create applications."

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