Omar’s journey at Galvanize

One student’s journey through our program to success

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Why Omar was Ready for More

In Snapshot 1 we learn about why Omar was ready to learn web development.
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Why Omar chose Galvanize

In Snapshot 2 we’ll take a look at what considerations Omar faced and why Galvanize gave him the confidence to take the leap.
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Making the Leap

In Snapshot 3, we will discuss the factors Omar had to account for in order to make the leap!
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How Omar Landed a Killer Job at Pandora

Throughout Omar Sobh’s progress through the Galvanize Web Development program, our Career Services team helped him prepare for a successful post-graduation hiring process.

Mad Skills

"The instructors covered the training extensively, to where I felt so well-rounded, I was like ‘I’m ready to rock and roll. I'm ready to go!"

Resume Coaching

"Getting to the point where I was comfortable blasting out my resume started from the beginning of the cohort. Galvanize has a system in place to get you ramped up from the start. Each week we would meet with someone from Career Services. The knowledge they shared was crucial, like what to look for in companies, how to structure your resume, and what to expect in interviews. That preparation, and the specifics they shared about the hiring process in the Bay Area, was phenomenal."

Networking Strategy

"Toward the end of the cohort, Career Services talked to us about getting our LinkedIn profile, social network profiles, and resumes cleaned up and ready to go. That was critical, because without bringing any of that organizational structure and strategy to my content, I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunities that I did. That guidance wasn’t anywhere else but Galvanize."

The Interview Process

"Another important thing we learned at Galvanize was how to verbalize our process. How to talk about how we built things and our thought process behind it. I felt confident I could talk about my skills and experience with anybody. That confidence and comfort level impacted the interview process for me. I was asking companies 'What are you guys doing that would make me want to join YOU?'"

Offers on the Table

"It came down to four interesting offers on the table. Pandora was the first. They called and asked 'Do you like what you saw? Are you happy with the teams and the people you’ve interacted with?' They made sure to give me an offer I couldn’t refuse."

All the Feels

"It was humbling. Before Galvanize, I didn’t have a degree to my name — not a Bachelors, not a Masters, not anything. I had a high school diploma, that’s it. Everything in my life has been solely hard work and grinding as hard as I can. That moment when I got my first big offer was like, ‘Yes, I finally made it to the point where I wanted to be!"

What's Next?

"Galvanize gave me the knowledge and insight to build things from scratch, how to learn things in a condensed period of time, and how to be innovative and create wonderful things for the world. I find myself thinking ‘What other Galvanize programs could I take?’ I want to be part of Galvanize for as long as I can."

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