New Name: MS in Data Science at GalvanizeU, Powered by University of New Haven

We’re pleased to announce an important change in our UNH accredited Data Science program in San Francisco. The Master of Engineering in Big Data program has been renamed to Master’s of Science in Data Science. This is an accredited degree, powered by University of New Haven and part of the GalvanizeU initiative.

All graduates of the year-long accredited program will receive a Master’s of Science in Data Science. The name change reflects the program’s dedicated focus on the advanced technical abilities expected of high-performing data scientists, while also developing data science communication and leadership skills that are expected of top performing data scientists in the industry.

The Master’s of Science in Data Science curriculum includes courses that provide key skills for data scientists, including:

  • Deep machine learning
  • Distributed scalable computation, and data engineering
  • Statistical analysis
  • Key data skills needed to work with unstructured data and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Foundational knowledge in mathematics

We’re currently accepting applications for our January 2016 cohort. Several scholarships and forms of tuition assistance are available to underrepresented populations in tech, such as women and minorities. If you’re interested in attending the Master’s of Science in Data Science program offered at our GalvanizeU site in San Francisco, you can start your application today or read more about the curriculum.