November AMAs at Galvanize – Web Development, Data Science, & More

galvanize live video q & a

Dying to ask questions about programming or data science? Galvanize will hold monthly Ask Me Anything live video chats starting Nov. 18th for Full Stack and Nov. 20th for Data Science. Our AMAs will be held every third Friday monthly and will run for 30 minutes each. Here’s your chance to meet our instructors and pick their brains for answers.

Meet our AMA instructor hosts for November:

Michael Herman

Title: Galvanize Full Stack Lead Instructor

BioAfter freelancing for nearly six years, I am now (as of June 2015) a Lead Instructor at Galvanize. I’ve worked in various industries, companies large and small, wearing multiple hats. My languages/weapons of choice are Python, Ruby, and JavaScript. Besides development, I enjoy building financial models, tech writing, content marketing, and teaching.

Links: GitHub | Twitter | LinkedIn

Sean Sall

Title: Galvanize Data Scientist in Residence

Bio: Sean is active member of the data science community in Denver and an individual with a proven track record in research and analytical techniques. He aims to leverage the power of machine learning to build predictive models that allow for social impact.

Links: GitHub | LinkedIn

Add the events below to your calendar so you don’t forget!

We’ll spend the first 20 minutes going over questions you’ve submitted, then spend the last 10 minutes answering live questions from Twitter. Want to submit your questions in advance? Use #devAMA or #dsAMA on twitter or submit your questions using the form below:


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