Want to Learn to Code? Here Are Seven Things to Do Right Now

Want to Learn to Code? Here Are Seven Things to Do Right Now

Learn to Code

Starting your journey to learn to code can be more than a bit overwhelming and intimidating. What languages should you learn? Where are the best online tutorials? Who do you go to for help?

Thankfully, there are a wealth of resources you can take advantage of to beef up your understanding of coding basic and test the programming waters before applying for a full-time program like Galvanize Web Development.

Here are seven things that anyone starting their programming journey should know about coding.

Learn how the Internet works

Understanding how programming fits into the larger framework of the web is a great way to wrap your head around how coding works. There are a few great tutorials that go through this, but this is one of our favorites.

If you want an overview of what code actually does, this recent piece on Bloomberg by Paul Ford is a great read.

Understand the Basics of Javascript

Learning Javascript basics is the first step toward becoming a programmer. And the only thing you need in order to learn it is a browser like Chrome or FireFox. Here are a few great ways to do that:

Get on Github

When you start writing more complex programs, you’ll want to save your own code and also work with open source code.  To do so, you’ll need to know at least a little about Git and Github. It’s easy to get started – and an absolute must for anyone who wants to get into programing. Check out these guides:

Know the Command line

Many programs, including Git, work best when you know the command line.  Take some time to get comfortable with it with these guides:

Work with Layouts

Okay, so you’ve learned the basics, understand the command line, and have a github profile. Start making more sophisticated web pages by putting together HTML, CSS and JavaScript with these resources:

Challenge Yourself with Algorithms

Computer programming is all about solving problems.  Small, isolated code problems are often referred to as “code katas”, and they provide an excellent way to sharpen your skills.  When you get started, you want to make sure the katas you are practicing are at the appropriate level, so you’ll want to work with a site that offers a lot of options. This is a great place to do it:


Build Complex Pages

Ready to start building real applications? Challenge yourself and take your skills to the next level with our interactive tutorials on howto.galvanize.com. Once you master these three, you’ll be well on your way to being ready for more advanced techniques:

You’ll have to master these seven tools and techniques if you want to pursue a full-time career in programming. If you get stuck, it’s useful to check out sites like Quora or do a google search for whatever’s getting in your way. Chances are you’re not the only one with whatever challenge you’re facing.

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