Become a Professional Data Scientist

In partnership with the University of New Haven, the GalvanizeU Master’s of Science in Data Science program is conducted in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. You’ll earn your degree with hands-on experience in only 12 months.

Data Scientist Demand

In the next five years 190,000 new Data Scientists will be needed. With Data Scientists at the helm, Big Data will drive $232 Billion in spending through 2016. Average annual salary of a Data Scientists in San Francisco is $126,000.


Our in-person graduate program focuses on preparing you with the essential background knowledge, coding skills and direct industry experience needed to be a successful Data Scientist. Our program is taught by expert practitioners and acclaimed academic researchers, while being delivered in an unprecedented applied learning environment.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Partial and full scholarships are available and rewarded based on merit and financial need. Our goal is to increase participation of underrepresented groups. Financing is available.

"Programs that integrate industry experience with theoretical applications provide students with the right mix of practical and hands-on education that companies are actively seeking."

Steven Allan, Head of Analytics and Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank