It’s Goin’ Down at the gShowdown

It’s Goin’ Down at the gShowdown

Galvanize Austin is ecstatic to announce a first-of-its-kind event on February 22nd that will bring together the unique communities we unite on our campus. We call it gShowdown.

So what is the gShowdown?

This event is a live debate on hot topics in technology. We bring in industry experts on both sides of two different issues affecting the technology community. For our first gShowdown, we will be exploring both sides of the data privacy and federal policy for innovation debates.  We will have a live moderator ask the guests a series of questions and let YOU, the audience, decide who wins the gShowdown winner’s belt.

Wait a minute, a winner’s belt?

Yes, a belt. More specifically, a belt buckle. It’s very Texan and a super cool accessory to outwardly display who has mastered the art of debate, gStyle. We want this debate to be as lively as a boxing match, with the audience on the edge of their seats with every word. How often can someone say they won a custom silver belt buckle?!

The belt is cool, but why are you doing this?

We are constantly bombarded with news and opinions day in and day out. At work, on social media, at home, and we often don’t get to declare a winner. Galvanize Austin wants to provide a fun way to learn about hot topics in tech and learn about both sides of each issue. We threw a little competition thrown in the mix to make it more interesting. We want to see how your opinion changes based on how our debaters present the issue throughout the debate. We will do this through a live polling app and you’ll even get to see what other audience members are saying on social media. It’s a great way to get people interacting in person and online to share their opinions about issues that affect our technology community.

Enough with the explanations, what’s the skinny on the first showdown.

We decided to focus on two hot topics affecting the tech community for our first matchup. First, we will discuss whether data privacy inhibits innovation. Our open data friends believe that data has become a commodity and in order to better serve communities and businesses, we need to unleash our data shackles to make a real impact. On the other side, our security and privacy friends believe that data is personal, even in aggregate, and should be protected.

Our second topic will focus on how federal policies impact innovation. Some federal policies seem to inhibit innovation, like restrictive immigration policies or ending net neutrality. While other policies, like a universal living wage or tax reform, can stimulate entrepreneurial growth. How do these federal policies impact innovation and entrepreneurship when they seem to, sometimes, be at odds?

You get to decide, live, at the gShowdown.

For more information and to sign up, visit our Eventbrite: