It Was All A Dream

It Was All A Dream

“I never know what I’m doing until I figure it out. I realized that half the time none of us know what we’re doing until we land it. So, we’re all experimenting and trying things out and maybe they work and maybe they don’t.”

At Galvanize, we provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to learn, connect, and grow their startups through events, workshops, mentors, and a thriving startup ecosystem. We offer tactical programming for our members, and inspiration based on the stories of changemakers, innovators, and entrepreneurs in our Transformative Storytelling Series.

We were honored to have Performance Director and Event Creator Dream Rockwell as our guest of honor. Dream co-founded The Do LaB, the cirque-electronic-rock-wonder-team the Lucent Dossier Experience, as well as  Lightning in a Bottle. Before it was famously known, LiB started as a small party in the early 2000’s and has since expanded to a world-famous festival which combines the elements of music, art, and performance, in a uniquely inspirational and holistic experience. LiB has been described as a marriage of Burning Man culture and California scenery that promotes a similar ethos.

Dream shared how her encounter with a stranger she met at Burning Man ultimately inspired her to create what would become LiB. He had said to her, “I feel like you have some powers that you don’t know you have. You need a point on your arrow. Once you have a point on your arrow, come back and talk to me”.  

After their conversation, she left with a new found inspiration. “There was no way to attend Burning Man at that time and not have your life radically altered. I hope that is what we are doing now at LiB for our participants.” She went on to co-found The Do LaB and the cirque-electronic-rock-wonder-team the Lucent Dossier Experience (also an integral part of LiB).

Dream ran away from home at 17 to travel the world as a dancer with the United Nations and Multinational Force and Observers. Working 7 days a week and 16 hours a day she talked about how she dealt with burnout, co-founder relationships, and how she found female mentors who inspired her. After her visionary experience at Burning Man, she just kept saying yes to things, even though often times she didn’t know what she was doing. “I had never done that before but, I just kept saying yes and things kept happening”.

We asked Dream how she found her co-founders:

“There are six visionaries to everyone executor. First, you need to figure out which one you are, if you’re a visionary, you need to find yourself an executor.”

Something you’ll want to think about from the beginning is once you find a co-founder and join forces you’ll also want to discuss how you’ll “break up” or part ways. Dream has been fortunate enough to have members of her core team who have been with her for over 10 years. At one point she decided to give equity to them which became a game changer and allowed the business to do better than it has ever done before.

As she shared her story, all the way from that pivotal moment at Burning Man to creating LiB, she radiated a fearless and positive energy that swept across the room planting seeds of inspiration. She shared how exploration, participation, and innovation, were key parts of bringing her vision to life.

She left the audience with these words of advice:

  • Giving equity to my employees was a game changer for me. I wish I’d done it years ago!
  • There is magic in the unknown, we’ve sorta forgotten this over the years. I ask my team to not plan everything out, leave some room for magic.
  • I never know what I’m doing until I figure it out. I realized that half the time none of us know what we’re doing until we land it. So, we’re all experimenting and trying things out and maybe they work and maybe they don’t.
  • We should all be getting lost, exploring, experimenting and learning as much as we can, because that is how you’ll really discover your passions and unleash your superpowers.


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