I Made This: Kendra Lyndon, Pianissimo

I Made This: Kendra Lyndon, Pianissimo

Kendra Lyndon wasn’t always interested in a career in web development. She spent years studying classical piano and earned her bachelor’s degree in music before taking on a role as an office assistant for a retail buyer post-graduation.

That’s when she started talking to her developer friends about coding.

“I kept thinking, ‘Wow, this sounds like it would satisfy everything I want in a career,” says Kendra, who took a web development workshop before applying to the Galvanize Web Development Immersive program.

Kendra quickly realized that coding and classical music had more in common than she thought: dedicated practice, devotion to detail, and technical mastery were required to succeed in both realms. The crossover didn’t end there. For Kendra’s capstone project, she chose to build something that reflected her personal passion for piano.

That’s how Pianissimo, an interactive app that allows the user to scroll through all 88 keys of a grand piano, was born. The user can choose the register they want to play in, and even connect phones to play the entire keyboard at once.

“You can plug in your headphones and play wherever and whenever you want without bothering anyone,” says Kendra of the app, which is already available in the Google Play app store.

For Kendra, coding was more than the gateway to a new job. Not only did her new skills open the door to an exciting career, they empowered her to pursue her passions and redefine her future.


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