I Made This: Heather Stone, Botanize


Heather Stone is many things: a botanist, podcast host, writer, published scientist –– and, thanks to Galvanize, a talented web developer.

From a young age, Heather was fascinated with language. She studied English, Spanish and Russian in college, and learning code seemed like a natural next step. Her first experience with code was peeking into the codebase for her website, Fried Magazine. Then, she dove into editing and assembling a genome from 16G of raw data using bash scripts, an experience she described as a “game changer”.

After three years of working as a botanist, Heather decided to try her hand at web development. She joined the Galvanize Web Development Immersive program, and nearly six months later was ready to build a capstone project showcasing her new coding and problem-solving skills.

The result was Botanize, an innovative app that asks the user simple plant identification questions. As added incentive to get a high score, Heather attached a water pump to her computer, which watered a plant more or less depending on the percentage of correct answers.


When Heather graduated, she found that her new skills enabled her to pursue her passion for botany in a whole new way –– and to see the world for all its potential:

“We currently have access to more information than at any other point human history, and what’s more, we have the most powerful tools the world has ever seen to make sense of it. I can’t think of many things that are more exciting than that.”

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