I Made This: Ben Goebel, HyperBot


Like many Galvanize students, Ben Goebel didn’t take the “traditional” route to web development. Prior to joining our full-time Web Development Immersive (WDI), Ben explored a range of opportunities, from teaching English in Indonesia to working in film production.


When a friend, and Galvanize grad, suggested Ben try out coding, his first question was, “I know I can learn this on my downtime, so why should I choose Galvanize?”. The answer was simple –– on-demand mentorship, a dynamic and supportive community, and access to an incredible network that makes it simple to get your work in front of the right people.

Convinced he was making the right choice, Ben applied. After six months, he was ready to create a capstone project showcasing the skills he’d gained. The result was “HyperBot”, an app/robot that streamlines the process of creating a hyper lapse video. Normally, hyper lapse videos require a photographer to move their equipment incrementally over hundreds of images and hours of work. With HyperBot, a user can connect through the iPhone app and type in desired length of video, image intervals and the curve of the robot’s arc during filming, effectively minimizing the work required.

As Ben said of his WDI experience and capstone project, “It was just an idea –– and then all of the sudden it’s a robot moving in real life and I think that’s very powerful”.


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