Hustle + Grow: Run Hop acquired by LinkedIn, Numerai raises $1.5 million


Hustle + Grow is a monthly showcase of member news, media features, and success stories across the Galvanize community.

Run Hop acquired by LinkedIn. LinkedIn Corp. acquired Run Hop Inc. (San Francisco), a startup specializing in online content distribution, to accelerate its efforts to make users’ feeds more engaging.

Numerai raises $1.5 million. Numerai (San Francisco), a hedge fund focused on artificial intelligence, raises $1.5 million from a group of investors led by a founder of Renaissance Technologies, one of the world’s biggest money managers, underscoring the growing interest in applying cutting-edge technology to markets.

Student Loan Genius is revolutionizing the student loan industry. Tony Aguilar, Founder of Student Loan Genius (Austin), is simplifying the complex problems associated with repayment aid and is reconnecting employers to the pulse of their employees. Student Loan Genius has created a unique employee benefit; a 401k-like contribution plan that pays off student loans and saves for retirement—at the same time.

SmartPlate denied on Shark Tank but keeps swimming. Fitly, a member of the San Francisco Pfizer cohort, pitched their SmartPlate, the world’s first Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled device that instantly tracks and analyzes everything you eat, on ABC’s Shark Tank but didn’t get a bite. Still, they’re on track to hit $1 million in revenue next year.

SolaByte announces US Patent on new technology. SolaByte (Boulder) is creating a portal to register and manage your media licenses in the cloud. The patented technology makes it possible for you to take your music and movie discs, disable and recycle them anywhere, and virtually move the content stored on the disc to your account in the cloud.

Immediately launches #GETUNSTUCK. Immediately (San Francisco) launches the largest collection of 60 second videos shared daily by thought leaders in sales and business. Get your daily dose of sales wisdom here.

Mimi launches in Denver. Mimi (Denver) helps people find local assisted living care homes for their parents, grandparents or other family members in as little as 24 hours — and they’re poised to change the industry completely.

GrowthX targets opportunities off the beaten path. GrowthX (San Francisco), a backer of seed-stage companies, is playing the geographic-diversity card by targeting places outside of Silicon Valley like Phoenix, Nashville, Memphis and Jackson, Miss.

RxAssurance helps doctors track patients’ painkiller use. RxAssurance’s (Denver) OpiSafe clinical tool assists prescribers in following “best practices” when prescribing opioid medications and helps doctors to better track their patients who are taking pain medications.

Marketplay launches e-commerce app for millennials. Marketplay (San Francisco) is now available for iOS and Android. They offer millennials the buying and selling experience they deserve by combining the best elements from successful e-commerce platforms with functionalities found only on the trendiest social apps.

Notion writes an insider’s handbook for IoT startups. Ryan Margoles, Notion (Denver) co-founder and CTO, wrote a contributed piece to help young IoT startups be successful.

Better Habits, better your life. Better Habits (Denver) smart app is now available in the app store. The app helps you develop daily actions that were once impossible become effortless and automatic by using your own effort to leverage motivation.

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