How to Get Hired at IBM, Asana, and Facebook

How to Get Hired at IBM, Asana, and Facebook

Want to work at an established tech giant like IBM or a fast-rising startup like Asana? At Galvanize, we measure our success not just by how many of our graduates are hired, but where. 

We have an entire team focused on supporting students in their job search. Our Career Services team is responsible for delivering career search curriculum and facilitating hiring events and student/employer connection. Career Services are our career coaches, consulting with each student to find the right job for them based on their personal career targets.

The mentorship program typically begins a few weeks after classes have begun. Mentors are industry professionals, and occasionally Galvanize alumni, who help prepare students to enter the professional world. Together, they hold weekly meetings to discuss topics ranging from in-class problems to how to get a great job at the conclusion of the program.

During the course of the program, students are engaged in not only the curriculum, but in career and interview preparation as well. Instructors teach tactics on how to get an interview, answer tough questions, negotiate offers, and build life-long connections as they begin their career in programing or data science.

Above all, our team knows that real-world experience and student projects are much more valuable to an employer than just a resume. That’s why we ensure our graduates have a portfolio of projects that they can send to hiring managers and showcase their abilities. When a hiring manager asks, “what is the most technically complex thing you’ve done?” students have an answer and an an entire body of work they can refer to. During the program, we help students build these portfolios to serve as their work experience, and this is a major advantage for anyone trying to launch their career or get to the next level.

The location of Galvanize Campuses is also important – we’ve strategically placed them in urban regions where there’s a high demand for technical talent. While students students typically find a job close to where they enrolled, our team can also use the Galvanize network to help them land a job elsewhere. Since our curriculum is consistent across all campuses, employers can be sure that graduates from any Galvanize campus have comparable skillsets.

What Happens at Hiring Day

Hiring day is full-day event that takes places toward the end of a student’s time at Galvanize. It’s a chance for them to bring together everything they’ve learned and showcase their skills to peers and potential employers.

Hiring day begins with students giving short presentations about their capstone projects. As the day moves on, each student has a chance to pitch themselves for 7 minutes with each of the 25 employers attending. Think of it as speed dating – this is a way for our team to make sure a student and potential employer are a good fit for each other. Hiring day is as much about companies pitching themselves to students as it is about students showing off their work.

Once formal presentations are done, we end hiring day with a happy hour that allows students to network and build connections with companies. Here’s what a few of our graduates had to say about their experience:

“Hiring day at Galvanize was one of the best opportunities to showcase what I bring to the table not only as a coder, but showcase my personality and complete package for potential hiring companies, it truly was an awesome experience” -Oscar Linares, Software Engineer at GuideSpark

“Hiring day was the floodgate for me. After seeing what we were able to accomplish in our time at Galvanize, companies were very active in pursuing me and very excited to have my attention during their hiring.” – Bryan Kinnear, Web Developer at Digabit

Tech titans that have hired graduates immediately after the program include Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb, Telsa, Uber, Square, Coursera, IBM, American Express, Google and many others.

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