Galvanize Accepts GI Bill

For Veterans Attending the Web Development Program

Eligible veterans and dependents who want to become web developers can now apply!

This 6-month, full-time Web Development Program* teaches you the languages, frameworks, and computer science fundamentals needed to land a career in web development—graduate placement rate is 91% with average starting salary of $77K! More than a coding bootcamp, you’ll learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for a successful career in technology.

*GI Bill currently available at the Denver - Golden Triangle and Boulder - Walnut campuses

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“Just about every good job requires some tech ability, so learning a valuable tech skill like software opens a lot doors. For vets, that’s often all we need.”

-Tyler Maier, US Navy Veteran

Get the Facts

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently more than 500,000 open positions in the US in technology fields such as web development and data science. Using the GI Bill at training facilities like Galvanize will accelerate career options for millions of veterans, allow entry into the workforce more quickly than other options such as traditional four-year degrees. To expedite tech careers, Galvanize not only partners directly with employers and industry leaders, but models its curriculum on their needs and matches graduates with jobs.