Galvanize’s First Graduate Diversity Report


We’ve made huge progress over the last few months at Galvanize – in addition to offering scholarships to underrepresented groups through organizations like the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Silicon Valley Bank and Google, we’ve partnered with Galvanize community members such as Women Who Code, BuildUp and Change Catalysts to ensure we’re connecting underrepresented groups to the resources and skills they need to make an impact.

Today, we’re excited to publicly share diversity data of Galvanize Full Stack and Galvanize Data Science graduates for the first time. Visualizations of the data are below, and you can look a full breakdown of the percentages here.

Gender-FullStackEthnic-FullStack (1)Gender-DataScience (1)Ethnic-DataScience (1)

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Here’s a quick reference to help folks better understand the graphs:

  • The dates and seasons listed in visualizations represent when a specific cohort started
  • This data only reflects students at three campuses – Denver, Boulder, and San Francisco
  • The graphs only represent graduate data; data for current students is not displayed

Since this data was collected, Galvanize has expanded educational programs to campuses in Seattle and Denver. Diversity reports for those cohorts will be available in the near future.

The Galvanize team is currently working on standardizing student data to provide a more thorough breakdown of graduate diversity in the future. This may include information such as highest level of education completed, income level, and number of scholarships awarded in any given cohort.

Moving forward, Galvanize is making a concerted effort to increase assistance to Latinos and African Americans looking to learn technical skills as they were among the least represented groups in both our data science and full stack courses. We’re excited to see those numbers increase over the next few months thanks to new partnerships and scholarships, such as the SVB Scholars Fund for Latinos and Reverend Jesse Jackson Scholarship.

Additionally, Galvanize continues to bolster relationships with diversity-focused organizations both on and off our campuses. An excellent example of this is our partnership with Women Who Code, which led to a massive increase in gender diversity for Galvanize Full Stack. We hope to build many more relationships like this to increase all underrepresented groups in our programs and make our vision of diversity and inclusion in tech a reality.

If you’re an organization that wants to help us increase diversity in tech, we’d love to work with you. You can reach out to our team at We look forward to sharing new Galvanize diversity data within the next few months.