Galvanize Web Development Adds Pivotal Cloud Foundry to Curriculum


I’m excited to announce a new development about Galvanize Web Development, our 6-month full stack web development program. As part of this program, students learn the tools and techniques necessary to become successful junior developers at leading companies like Pivotal, Allstate, and IBM.  Our team is committing to teach Galvanize Web Development students across 6 campuses (with 3 more coming in 2016) about Pivotal Cloud Foundry as a core part of our curriculum.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry is the industry’s fastest-growing Cloud platform, and we’re adding this to our curriculum to ensure students are ready to meet any and all development challenges when they start their first job after Galvanize. Additionally, Pivotal has been a close industry and hiring partner, and we’re thrilled to be deepening our relationship with them while training students on in-demand industry platforms.

With Pivotal Cloud Foundry, you can quickly deploy applications utilizing Cloud Native Architectures. Scaling applications can be done with a few clicks and deployment across multiple, consistent environments enables Galvanize students to leave the Web Development course more ready to work in a Continuous Delivery environment. Building on Pivotal Cloud Foundry helps our staff better simulate a realistic application development flow.

Learn more about our curriculum at and get more information aout Pivotal Cloud Foundry at We’re excited to teach Galvanize Web Development students about one of the industry’s leading technologies