Galvanize Member Spotlight: Spex


There is nothing we love more than seeing community members join as a one or two-person team, scale, pivot, grow and ultimately, hit a great stride as they take their startup to the next level. Our goal is to provide all community members with not only a strong pool of resources in the form of mentors, workshops, and partners, but a rich network and support system to leverage as they tackle challenges and seize opportunities. SPEX is one of these members and, as they launch their new product next month, we want to share their story. 

Our company, SPEX, became an early Galvanize member in January 2013 and experienced the immediate value of the content, curriculum and community. SPEX is building the world’s most powerful property inspection platform and revolutionizing the way insurance claims and appraisals get addressed. We work with insurance carriers, contractors and others to transition a historically analog process to a digital one.

SPEX shipped its first product at the beginning of this year and experienced good early traction with individual users. However, through important customer feedback we learned we didn’t get the product-market fit quite right, especially for larger enterprises. So we decided to go back to the drawing board and develop a new version of the product for insurance carriers and other large companies in our market. Previously, we outsourced product development, but for the new build we elected to bring the engineering team in-house. A daunting challenge to say the least…

Four months later, we’ve built a world-class dev team that is highly skilled in front-end mobile development, back-end architecture and business intelligence and analytics. We were able to build the team quickly and efficiently largely because of Galvanize. Several team members were already affiliated with Galvanize and we built working and personal relationships with them during our time in the community. Another team member joined us recently based on a recommendation from another Galvanize community member. The energy and appeal of working in Galvanize has also been a big recruiting plus, as is the coffee and drinks at Gather. Galvanize and the Galvanize Community provides a number of value-add benefits on a daily basis: rich content, a foundation of entrepreneurial support and more. But, with our backs against the wall on development this year, we didn’t anticipate we could galvanize an all-star team so quickly and successfully. The savings on recruiting fees can easily be quantified (at least $50,000), but the value of that speed and the resulting quality of the team cannot. We are proud to be a part of the Galvanize Community and are grateful for all of the personal and professional relationships Galvanize has provided to help our business grow.