Galvanize Member Spotlight: OrthoFi

You may have recognized OrthoFi‘s 10 member team over the past few months, camped out in their familiar back, center, atrium location. Perhaps you’ve seen their team members intently volleying table tennis shots at each other channeling a short shorts’ed Super Bowl commercial version of Arnold Schwarzenneger. If neither of those sound familiar, then surely you’ve noticed their latest move into the formerly Closely occupied suite in the far back part of the building.

OrthoFi is helping orthodontists grow their businesses, by revolutionizing the way they provide financing. This helps to make treatment affordable to more patients. Their patent pending solution puts patients in control of their payment plans and simplifies the orthodontists’ lives by automating many of their daily business processes.

We sat down with Dave Ternan, the CEO of OrthoFi, who started working out of Galvanize back in June as a one man operation and has now grown a 10 person team.  They will be launching their software out of beta in June 2014.

Tell me more about OrthoFi’s Ah Ha! moment.

A lot of startups have a cool product and then try to go find people to sell it to. We spent a lot of time understanding the problems that Orthodontist have managing and growing their business. Once we truly understood the underlying issues we knew that we could find a way to solve them. Even though we did not know the exact solution at that time I knew we had an idea for a viable business.

What’s new with OrthoFi right now?

Basically everything. We grew from 2 to 10+ team members since June. We implemented our service at our first client and earned our first revenue about a month ago. Very exciting time as we are seeing everything coming together.

What were your first impressions of Galvanize?

As soon as I walked in I knew this would be an awesome place to start our business. The energy, the opportunity for collaboration and the resources they could offer young startups was what we were looking for when we joined.

What’s your favorite memory from your time here?

Time spent at Gather and numerous (too many to count) games of ping pong.

Now I have to ask, you all play ALOT of ping pong, does it get pretty competitive?

It does, we actually have a pretty complex tracking system. Half of our team is pretty active and they generally get in approximately 3-4 games a day. Johnny currently leads with the best record.

Do you or anyone on your team have any special hobbies, side projects, any unique talents?

Johnny has an amazing stamp collection and loves to show it off.