Galvanize Member Spotlight: MeetMindful

Many who have been to Galvanize are familiar with the eight seat, high top, wood paneled table located at the front of Gather. Sure it’s a modern, elegant, simplistic table in nature, but in it’s own right, it’s still just an ordinary piece of furniture. However, that table holds particularly special meaning to Amy Baglan.

Amy is the co-founder of MeetMindful, a dating and content site aimed to cultivate meaningful, healthy relationships for people who value mindful living. Two years ago, Amy launched YogaDates, an events company that produces yoga events where like-minded singles can meet and couples can deepen their connection. After researching ways to scale YogaDates she realized there was an opportunity in online dating for the mindful mainstream.

MeetMindful was born as the destination for online dating and relationship resources serving those who value healthy, conscious, sustainable relationships . The site includes articles, expert courses and workshops and officially launches today, Valentine’s Day. In a few months they’ll also launch their online dating site, DateMindful.

“The current online dating sites don’t want people to have success because then they lose a customer. With our model we can keep customers for a lifetime,” said Baglan

She recounted staying up late one night reading through her company’s business plan circling words that felt significant. “I read through three pages and circled the word “mindful” over ten times. It was that moment that I knew the cornerstone of our business was mindfulness,” said Baglan.

The timing could not have been better. Recently, both the Huffington Post and Time Magazine dubbed 2014 “The year of mindful living”.

Amy’s time at Galvanize has also been filled with fortuitous collisions, which brings us back to Gather and the not-so-ordinary wooden high table. It was here that Amy met both her co-founder Lindsey and her boyfriend Shahir.

“I met my co-founder Lindsey at a Startup Week event at Gather. We fell in startup love on the spot. She likes to joke about how I “Proposed” to her a few months later and asked her to be a co-founder,” said Baglan.

The table would work it’s magic once again a few weeks later.  Her boyfriend Shahir recounts, “The first time I saw her at the office we were sitting at a tall 8 person table and she almost fell as she sat back to find her seating. Without thinking, the first words I ever spoke to her were,”I’ll always catch you if you fall.” Corny or cliche as it may have been, we ended up talking for hours and the rest is history.”

We caught up with Amy for more about her time at Galvanize.

What’s new with your company right now?

We launched our content site on Valentine’s Day after a year+ of planning, so that’s pretty big news!

What’s the biggest thing your organization has gained from working here?

Galvanize holds space for an amazing collective meeting of the minds—brilliant, hungry minds—and breakthroughs can happen at any moment. Several of our biggest business decisions were made based on discussions with fellow Galvanizers.

What’s the funniest, most bizarre, unique story you have about your time here?

Well, in the middle of a room full of people having business and development discussions, we’re discussing the most intimate part of someone’s life, their romantic relationships. To our right someone is solving a back-end development problem, to our left someone is talking about their next VC pitch, and here we are in the middle discussing “What 10 dating tips would Buddha give us?” and scouring OKCupid for pitfalls to avoid. We arguably have the most fun in the room.

If you could shadow any Galvanize organization for a day, which would it be?

I would go back in time and hang out with Ashley Kingsley from Closely all day and all night. Her deep understanding of marketing, social and branding have been invaluable to us over the months. She has a strong focus on community and possesses an edge and authenticity that we absolutely love and strive for on a daily basis.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to an incoming Galvanize member?

The room is filled with brilliant people. Be secure in the fact that you don’t have all the answers and don’t be too shy, or proud, to ask for advice.

Do you or anyone on your team have any special hobbies, side projects, any unique talents?

I’m a dedicated yogi and pretty much every person on our team is, too. It makes for awesome communication and conflict resolution. Oh, and when I get stressed out I go into the gym and take handstand breaks. It’s way better than coffee!