Galvanize Member Spotlight: Conspire


Finding those Six Degrees to Kevin Bacon just got easier thanks to Boulder startup and featured Galvanize member, Conspire. The new product analyzes email to find the best path between you and the person you want to meet.

Founded in 2012 in San Francisco by two Stanford grads and former freshman roommates, Paul McRyenolds and Alex Devkar, the company recently graduated from the Techstars Cloud program.

When it comes to digital connection platforms like LinkedIn, the team found that the network wasn’t matching with reality. Asking a person you don’t know to connect you to someone else you don’t know doesn’t make sense. Conspire was created to solve that problem. By analyzing your email patterns, Conspire is able to give a value to the strength of the relationship and connection and go deeper than other networking platforms. By simply typing in the name of a contact that you want to connect with, Conspire can give you a path of contacts to connect you with that person.

“When you think about your network, if you were to look at your Facebook friends list or your LinkedIn contact list, the average person may see something around 400 hundred on LinkedIn and another few hundred on Facebook,” Alex explains. “What’s amazing is when you look at a network like we do, it turns out people know far more people than they thought they did. The average person signing up with Conspire has 1500-2000 relationships.”

Conspire also understands what a dead-end relationship looks like. There is a threshold of email exchanges to constitute a valuable connection (for example, if you email someone 10 times, but they never reply, that will not count as a relationship). Additionally, since most people use multiple email accounts, Conspire is able to easily recognize these accounts as belonging to the same person.

The team has ambitious plans for the future. Currently there are 11.4 million people in the network, and over the next year they plan to grow that number to 100 million. “Techstars is very good at pushing you to the limit,” says Alex, “Coming out of that you really know what to do.”

Conspire is currently hiring talented individuals for a variety of positions, including Engineering, Marketing and Business Development. Alex also notes a “Nice to have” is “in depth knowledge of Battlestar Galactica,” considering they’ve been using character references in their mock data since the company’s early days.

Hoping you can cut down a few of those Degrees to get to Kevin Bacon? Alex’s emails to Jesse Eisenberg will probably prove a valuable connection since he worked as the Technology Consultant (and hand double!) for Jesse in The Social Network.