Galvanize Launching in Phoenix to Eliminate the Talent Gap


Today is a huge day for education, the City of Phoenix, and how innovative companies like Allstate will change the face of the American workforce over the next decade. I’m pleased to announce that we are working with the City of Phoenix and Allstate to open a new Phoenix campus in January 2017 and will offer agile training to Allstate employees in the Phoenix area beginning early next year. I believe this is a major step toward addressing technology’s talent gap and increasing innovation across all industries.

The technology talent gap is a massive problem, and existing education programs aren’t equipped to deal with the growing number of technical job openings today and in the next decade. In just the next five years, STEM job openings are set to increase by 2.6 million. This is an issue we need to address now, and Galvanize is excited to help be part of the solution.

Phoenix was recently ranked the #2 fastest-growing city for technology—working with the City of Phoenix and Allstate to address this issue is a major opportunity for everyone, and we’re excited to see big changes in the Phoenix metro area through 2017 and beyond.

Leading up to our campus launch in January 2017, we’ll be working with the Allstate team to train employees, and once the campus opens, Allstate is committed to sponsoring 100 to 150 students and hiring eligible graduates from Galvanize Web Development Immersive program.

This is a major step forward for education, the American economy, and the City of Phoenix, and we’d love for you to be a part of it. You can learn more about Galvanize’s Phoenix programs, workshops, and our new campus at